Published On: Wed, Dec 7th, 2022

How a Truck Accident Can Be Different from a Car Crash

Most people don’t realize that getting into an accident with a truck is much different than crashing into a smaller vehicle. Then they face a lot of difficulties after their first crash with a truck. 

Its common sense that your vehicle can be damaged more badly and you can sustain more severe injuries. However, you may not know that the legal matters can be quite complicated. In fact, you may need to research the trucking companies that have the most accidents as part of seeking recourse.

There is no choice to pursue a legal course because you wouldn’t want to deal with massive bills. So, what can you do? 

More Than One Party Could Be Liable

When a truck or a semi is involved in a crash, there is more than one party involved. According to Reeder & Nussbaum, a St. Petersburg truck accident law firm, you can go after the driver and the trucking company. 

In some cases, more than one party is responsible for the accident. In such a situation, your lawyer may be able to sue them all. However, only some states allow you to take legal action against more than one party.


Multiple Insurance Policies Are Likely to Be in Play

You only have a vehicle insurance policy that meets all of your state’s requirements. But the things are much more complicated for trucks.

Semi-truck insurance policies are different because there are generally two types. The first one is an owner or operator, and the other is an owner or operator that leases with a carrier. The terms and structures of their policies are also quite complicated.

Since these policies are worth a good deal of money, the insurance companies put up a solid defense to avoid paying a single penny. But sometimes, they throw a low settlement offer at you and try to avoid going to court. 

Different Types of Evidence Need to Presented to the Court

With a regular road accident, accident lawyers collect plenty of evidence to make their case. But when it comes to semi-truck accidents, the lawyers need to collect everything that they would with a regular crash and more on top of it.

Your lawyer will first look into the truck driver, their qualifications, and training. They may even check their timesheets and other things. Your lawyer will then look around the truck and check every little detail about it. Then, they will look at its cargo.

All three of these are necessary to determine who to hold liable. 


The liability issue can be a significant problem. As you already know, there are more than one parties involved. 

Although your lawyer can determine who to go after, here is a general idea:

Depending on the driver, where they work, and who the owner of the truck is, the liability can vary. You must remember that the truck and the trailer are separate entities. That means the owner of the trailer could also be at fault. 

But sometimes the cargo is loaded by another company. In case they are responsible, then that company will be held liable. 

Author: Anderson Lele

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