Published On: Thu, Apr 20th, 2017

Horrible Medical Malpractice Cases

Unfortunately, there are more medical malpractice cases than what people think. Every single year hundreds of thousands of such cases have to be mentioned. In most cases they are not that bad and it is not at all hard to get financial compensation through the help of malpractice lawyers. In others everything is really complicated to deal with. Some of the malpractice cases are truly horrible. The following ones are some that truly shocked the world.

Rhode Island Hospital – Operating On The Wrong Side Of The Brain

There are 3 incidents like this in just one year. The first one happened because a resident did not correctly mark the side and the rest involved did not notice. The second incident happened as a doctor with over 20 year experience simply decided that he will remember. He did not remember. In the third example the chief neurosurgeon and a different nurse marked the correct side of the brain but then operated on the other one.

Alexander Baez – Breast Implants Instead Of Pec Implants

Baez is a bodybuilder that wanted to get pec implants done. After waking up from the surgery he saw C-cup breast implants. The problem was the doctor, Reinaldo Silvestre. He forged all medical documents and had zero surgical training. He was eventually caught by the police after potentially operating on hundreds of patients in Belize.

Silicone gel-filled breast implants

Carol Weihrer – Improper Anesthesia

Weihrer needed to have her eye removed. During the surgery she only got half of the necessary anesthesia done. This led Calor to be completely awake and paralyzed. Unfortunately, the doctor only realized this after a long time already passed. The result was lifelong trauma. Weihrer was so traumatized that she has been sleeping in reclining chairs ever since. Unfortunately, close to 42,000 US citizens do experience something like this every single year.

Janice McCall – Catching Fire During Surgery

This happened in 2009. The reason why she caught fire was never actually disclosed. However, different similar cases did pop up after. For instance, second-degree burns appeared in the case of Enrique Ruiz because oxygen supply exploded due to a malfunction of an electronic scalpel. Many others could be mentioned, highlighting that catching fire during surgeries is actually possible.

Daryoush Mazarei – Retractor Left Behind In The Body During Surgery

There are actually thousands of cases in which objects remain in the body of the patients after a surgery but with Daryoush Mazarei we are talking about a retractor that was ten inches long. Initially he was recommended to use psychiatric care. It took months until a simple CT scan was done to see what was happening. The Pittsburgh Medical Centre basically made numerous mistakes, one after the other.

As you can see, there are various things that can go wrong during surgeries. Unfortunately, in many situations we see that people do not actually understand that medical malpractice was present. Whenever something bad happens and you do not really know why, it is important to investigate. Attorneys can help out a lot in investigating to see if medical malpractice actually happened.

Author: Lolita Di

NBC screenshot of x-ray

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