Published On: Fri, Dec 22nd, 2017

Home Decorating Tips: 4 Best Places for Your Foosball Table

I’m one that constantly redecorates my home. I don’t stop redecorating until I’m pleased with the look. Many of you probably share this mannerism too.

One piece of furniture that gave me quite a challenge was the foosball table. My original idea was to keep it hidden away.

I couldn’t find the right area to place it where it still can be used. So, I decided to incorporate it as part of the home’s décor.

It sounds like a risk but in the end it worked out.

Why should you also use a foosball table as part of the furniture?

photo/Sonorax via pixabay

With the demand for home foosball tables, brands decided to change the look of them—and thank goodness for that.

Gone are the days where a traditional foosball table looked as if it belonged in an arcade. Foosball tables look modern now.

Most foosball tables these days have a perfect wooden and glossy finish. Their sleek and sophisticated look blend well into your home’s décor.

Listen up! I’ll tell you the best rooms where you can place your foosball table.

The Home Office

Most of us have wooden shelves in our offices. These shelves with the wooden finish of modern foosball tables are a perfect match.

These two items also contrast each other well. It’s serious (bookshelves) meets fun (foosball table).

If you or your partner sometimes have business meetings at home then a foosball table is desperately needed. Why?

You and the business partner can discuss matters over a game of foosball. Might sound silly but it has its advantages.

  • The meeting won’t be stressful. Everyone has a clear mind to make wiser final decisions which may have better results.
  • A game helps partners communicate and strategize better. Open communication helps partners understand one another better. Trust and support strengthen which is important for partnerships.

Your children can also take advantage of the foosball table. If they feel overwhelmed because of school work a game of foosball can also clear their head. With a clear mind, children can tackle school work with precision.

Just be wary that your children have the will to actually do school work when they must. Move the table if your children constantly play rather than do school work.

Game Room

Congratulations if you have the space for a game room. There is no better place to put the foosball table.

The game room can be a mini arcade. What is perfect if you get a multi game foosball table.

Are guests bored with foosball? No problem change the table top and you’ve got:

  • Air hockey table
  • Table tennis
  • Shuffleboard
  • Backgammon

You must decide what multiple games you want your foosball table to convert into.

The scouting report has the best tables that fit well into any gaming room. The décor found in a game room is usually vibrant, artsy and of course entertaining.

You have more options with the different styles of foosball tables. You can pick a different color such as green, black or orange. You can even get a plastic one if you want. With a game room the possibilities are practically endless.

And because it’s a game room you don’t have to match the overall décor. Any foosball table style will match the game room. I promise.

Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you don’t have a game room place your foosball table outside. Trust me, guests will love this.

Each party you have you can have tournaments. It’ll be fun to see who is the reigning champion and if ever they’ll be overthrown.

But since the foosball table is yours, you can secretly practice and improve your skill &/or gameplay. A bit sneaky, I know, but it’s harmless fun.

You can also get a multi game foosball table. Guests will enjoy that there is more than one game to play. If some aren’t good at foosball they can be better at air hockey. It makes the evening festivities fun.

But the truth is there are some limitations to placing your foosball table outside.

The area must be closed off when it’s not in use. A Foosball table is sensitive to weather conditions. Damages from rain, sunlight and/or hail are expensive to repair. It must stay clear of these. If the area doesn’t have sheltered sides move the table indoors after the party.

Guests must not use the table as a place to eat or hold their drinks. Foods and beverages can stain the wood which is also difficult to remove.

The table must not be used as a dance floor or chairs. Added pressure can put a strain on the structure.

The TV Room

This is where I have my foosball table and it looks perfect. It’s easier when the table has the side ball returns. The table is pushed against the wall which allows me to have a bit more room.

The modern look of mine ties in well with the TV room’s décor. And the best part? Guest absolutely love this fun centerpiece.

If sports are a big deal in your home then this room is also perfect. Before each football match get yourself into teams representing those that are going to play.

It’s fun to see if your foosball game actually predicts the outcome of the football match. If you host screening parties each guest can have a go at score predictions. The team who had the exact outcome can win a prize.

I didn’t realize that a foosball table is what my home needed. With a bit of imagination you too can style a room with a foosball table. Foosball tables are the new best and useful centerpiece you need in your home.

Author: Clarissa Caouette

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