Published On: Fri, Nov 12th, 2021

Home Cleaning and Maids: Choosing the Right Service

Maintaining a clean home is crucial but for some people it is not an enjoyable responsibility. Your schedule may not allow you to clean regularly or you are simply not interested in doing it. Professional cleaners Eastern Suburbs services are a worthwhile investment in ensuring that your home is clean, functional and safe.

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Ask friends and family for referrals. These are people who are likely to be aware of what you need and are willing to give you credible information about the experiences they have previously had with different maids. While asking for advice and referrals, emphasize on your plan to hire reputable services so that you can get the best options available.

Online Reviews

Go through any online reviews that may be available. Many maid and cleaning services have reviews that can be viewed online, especially if the company is well established and has been actively in business for some time. Read various reviews and look out for any disgruntled customers or multiple complaints.

Company References  

If online reviews are unavailable you can request for references. New companies in the areas or those that are generally smaller may not have developed an online presence. Such companies can provide list of referrals that will let you know about previous customers. You can ask the clients about the type of cleaning that the company has performed for them and find out whether they still hire the service.

Cleaning Services and Charges

  • Ask potential maid services what they usually clean and the charges for their work. Most companies have lists of their typical cleaning tasks and they will inform you about their rates for cleaning, hourly fees and room charges. Make sure that you comprehend what the company’s cleaning rate consists of and what it does not include. To know more visit king of maids in NYC here.
  • Seek clarification regarding cleaning activities that the company may not mention.
  • For companies that charge hourly fees, you will be able to set the number of hours for cleaning your home to prevent the costs from rising beyond your control. Consider whether this will compromise your ability to get a complete clean, especially during the initial visit.

Additional Costs

After you understand the list of what the company usually cleans, you can find out if other cleaning services that are not on the list can be performed. Ask what the cost of extra services will be and if there is anything that you need to be cleaned in your house that is not mentioned by the service, confirm the overall fee.

Cleaning Solutions

Ask about the cleaning solutions and supplies that the company will use for different surfaces. It is important to know the cleaning products that the service uses in your house, especially if you have children or pets and you want to minimize the risk of exposing them to certain ingredients or chemicals. If your surfaces are sensitive or delicate, let the company known and find out whether they have suitable products for such materials.

Trial Cleaning Session

Request for a trial session that will enable you to observe how your home is cleaned and the type of working relationship you will have. This type of trial will help boost your confidence when you want to invest in a maid service.


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