Published On: Wed, Dec 16th, 2015

Hispanic group attacks Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio over immigration stance

Immediately following last night’s GOP debate, Hispanic opponents of the two Hispanic Republicans came out against their policies. Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz are in the crosshairs of amnesty supporters and those seeking more open borders.

“It is appalling that Cruz and Rubio, sons of immigrants, the sons of refugees whose families benefited from the generosity and the opportunities that our country provides to immigrants, are now spearheading the attacks on the immigrant community started by Donald Trump…

photo Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

photo Fibonacci Blue via Flickr

“Again, during tonight’s debate, we heard that the Republican solution to solving America’s immigration crisis is to build taller walls and sending more troops to the Mexican border. Today, the Republican Presidential hopefuls, kissed good-bye to any support from the immigrant and Latino communities, a division that will probably last for decades…It is now up to us to educate, motivate, and mobilize the Latino community to march to the ballots next November and hold accountable candidates and elected officials for their word and actions against immigrants.”

“I have never supported legalization, and I do not intend to support legalization,” Cruz said in Tuesday’s CNN debate.

“I would enforce the law,” Cruz said, explaining that he would first deport criminals without proper papers. “Federal immigration law provides that if someone is here illegally and is apprehended, that they should be sent back to their home country.”

The Rubio campaign has argued that Cruz previously supported legalization during the debate over the Gang of Eight bill, which Rubio championed in the Senate. Cruz introduced an amendment that allowed for legal status that he said was meant to show that the comprehensive immigration bill was really about citizenship rather than a true representation of what he believes.

The Rubio campaign disagrees, citing it as evidence that their positions aren’t that different.

“He has attempted to muddy the waters,” Cruz said on the stage. “Where there was a battle over amnesty and some chose, like Sen. Rubio to stand with Barack Obama and Chuck Schumer and support a massive amnesty plan. Others chose to stand with Jeff Sessions and Steve King and the American people and secure the border.”

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  1. Dave Francis says:

    Trump & Cruz.

    Ted Cruz would be a great running ticket with Donald Trump, even though Marco Rubio has tried to undermine his ambition for the Presidency. Its easy for anybody in Congress to get demonized, especially when its headlined in the Liberalized mainstream media or from other lawmakers? This is what Marco Rubio, a member of the ‘Gang of Eight’ who had their sights on trying to pass an amnesty bill. Thanks to Cruz the whole thing was derailed, who added 5 amendments (poison pill) that he knew the radicals in the Democratic and Republican Syndicate would not pass.

    Cruz stopped the (CIR) bill from getting passed and saved America from have to support at least 15 million or more illegal aliens.

    Here is Ted Cruz plan, which is not much different from Donald Trumps statements from he first began to inherit millions of American Conservatives standing innovations in his first debate.

    Still King Obama is not stopping; he is relentless to allow the 100.000 Syrians into our nation, unable to verify and the known possibilty of ISIS murderers infesting these people; another huge cost for America. Closing the GITMO prison camp and bring dangerous foreign terrorists into our penal system.

    The dark government of the special interests and the 1 percent of ultra wealthy who buys every governemt, and tries to undermine through their puppets in Washington Donald Trump, will have a full scale revolution on their hands.


    “It’s not that we don’t know how to solve illegal immigration. What is missing is the political will to get it done. And, as president, I will get it done. We will secure the borders.” – Ted Cruz


    A Cruz Administration’s first priority for immigration reform will be to secure the U.S.-Mexico border. We will:
    • Build a wall that works. The unsecured border with Mexico invites illegal immigrants, criminals, and terrorists to tread on American soil. I will complete the wall.
    • Triple the number of Border Patrol agents. Securing the border is the federal government’s obligation. I will dedicate the force necessary to do that.
    • Increase vital aerial surveillance and other technology along the border. Adding boots on the ground is not enough. Eyes in the sky and other equipment are necessary to find and detain all illegal entrants.
    • Finish the biometric tracking system at our nation’s ports of entry. It is disgraceful that our federal government cannot keep track of those who enter the country. I will complete a biometric entry-exit tracking system.


    We need a President who will follow the law, hold those who break it accountable, and take seriously the duty to protect Americans. To restore the Rule of Law, a Cruz Administration will:

    • End President Obama’s illegal amnesty. President Obama has issued over 20 illegal executive memoranda rewarding illegality. I will rescind each and every one on my first day in office.
    • Increase deportations and end catch-and-release. Our laws are not being enforced. I will restore our commitment to enforcement, public safety, and the Rule of Law by rededicating DHS to fully enforcing the law, including through deportations and returns.
    • End sanctuary policies, sign Kate’s Law, and deport criminal immigrants. There are about 340 sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States. They make a mockery of our laws and endanger our citizens. I will end support for these jurisdictions.
    • Prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving financial benefits and strengthen E-Verify. American taxpayers should not be funding benefits for those who are here illegally, and American jobs should not go to those who are here illegally. I will protect Americans’ wellbeing by stopping the flow of taxpayer dollars and instituting a strong e-verify system.


    In order to strengthen our immigration system, protect national security, and better serve American workers, we must:

    • Suspend the issuance of all H-1B visas for 180 days to complete a comprehensive investigation and audit of pervasive allegations of abuse of the program. New allegations detail appalling abuses of the H-1B visa program – a program meant to create American jobs and spur economic growth. I will suspend the program for 180 days to investigate abuses.
    • Halt any increases in legal immigration so long as American unemployment remains unacceptably high. The purpose of legal immigration should be to grow the economy, not to displace American workers. Under no circumstances should legal immigration levels be adjusted upwards so long as work-force participation rates remain below historical averages.
    • Enforce the public-charge doctrine. Current law requires legal immigrants to certify that they will be economically self-sufficient. A Cruz Administration will ensure they do not receive government assistance, which defies the law and harms American taxpayers.
    • End birthright citizenship. Birthright citizenship was not intended to legalize the children of people who are breaking the law by entering and staying in the country illegally. I will take steps to pass legislation or a constitutional amendment to end it.

    “We stopped the Gang of Eight bill. Ted Cruz led the fight against the establishment. We would be living under amnesty right now if Cruz had not succeeded.” – Rush Limbaugh.

    Find out more facts at http://www.numbersUSA.com/ http://www.judicialwatch.org/ CAPS http://www.capsweb.com/ as the growing numbers of newspapers are keeping the truth from us about illegal immigration and national security. The Left have been hoodwinked by Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush and their proponents, as if they deny the intelligence that their jobs are being stolen from us, by the unenforced border and the internal immigration deliberate decisions made by the Democrats and GOP syndicate The terrible infection inside the beltway of corruption in parties have their agenda. ITS illegal alien Democrats voting to mass populate America, or the Republican establishment selling the people out for cheap labor. We cannot keep financially supporting every foreigner who slips past our enforcement agents.

    • Brandon Jones says:

      Why keep Trump in the mix? Cruz’s record is adequate for me. Trump sounds like an authoritarian who has flip-flopped on topics year after year.

  2. Dave Francis says:

    Senator Ted Cruz of Texas hit the airwaves today, angry at the Congress to rush through the federal spending bill. He stated all they are worried about is getting it over with and not the far reaching consequences. It’s understandable that they want to get away for Christmas, so they can be with their wife’s, and family circle, but many will not bother to read the bill and what it contains.

    Defund Obama’s Disastrous Policies or be Complicit in the Destruction of Your Country. Don’t let the Liberal mainstream press fool you.
    to Speaker Paul Ryan: Stop Obama’s Liberal Transformation of America. The new President Donald Trump cannot do anything about this, until his inauguration. But he will be speaking about King Obamas overreach in many obnoxious issues.
    Do Your Job and Stop Obama’s Policies or GO HOME!
    FLASH: CR Released
    Republicans to give $3.06 billion for refugees, which is $605 million more than Obama’s request
    PLUS $695 million to house and transport up to 58,000 illegal alien children
    To Say “NO” To This Betrayal
    Due to the disastrous policies of President Barack Obama America is at a tipping point.
    Illegal aliens are flooding our country, swamping our schools and emergency services and destroying the quality of life for millions of American families by inflating the labor pool, depressing wages, and driving the crime rate ever upward. Stop more funding for ‘Sanctuary Cities’. and the deaths of more US citizens.
    We demand you defund Obama’s de facto amnesty program in this year’s continuing Resolution (CR) and use the power of the purse to reestablish the rule of law in this great country. We won’t be fooled by another “show vote,” anyone who votes for the Rule to bring to the Floor a Continuing Resolution that funds Obama’s de facto amnesty for illegal aliens is just as guilty as one who votes for the bill itself.
    The resettlement of hundreds of thousands of alleged refugees from radical Muslim terrorist hotspots represents an existential threat to our national security. Through this program Obama is importing jihad directly into the American heartland – and forcing taxpayers to fund it.
    We demand you use this year’s CR to withhold funds from Obama’s “refugee” resettlement program until such time as air tight security investigations of any alleged refugee from a Muslim terrorist hotspot are in place that will guarantee that the safety of American citizens will not be compromised by this threat. We won’t be fooled by another “show vote,” anyone who votes for the Rule to bring to the Floor a Continuing Resolution that funds importing jihad to America is just as guilty as one who votes for the bill itself.
    Obamacare is in a long-predicted death spiral. The socialist health insurance co-ops that Obama and the Democrats imposed upon America are going bankrupt or closing and now Democrats want to use taxpayer funds to bail them out. Republicans have been promising that they would defund Obamacare ever since the Tea Party wave swept them back into the House majority in 2010, now is the time to fulfill that promise or face the wrath of conservative voters.
    We demand you defund Obamacare in this year’s CR and that the CR include an absolute prohibition on any taxpayer funds going to bailout a failed or failing Obamacare co-op or other health insurance provider. We won’t be fooled by another “show vote,” anyone who votes for the Rule to bring to the Floor a Continuing Resolution that funds an Obamacare bailout is just as guilty as one who votes for the bill itself.
    We refuse to accept another “show vote” where Republican leaders give political cover to those Republican Members of Congress who refuse to stand for conservative principles. We are watching and we will remember when it comes time to vote in the 2016 Republican Congressional Primary.
    To: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and All Members of the House Republican Conference and Senate Republican Conference
    In 2014 Americans voted in a new Congress to stop and reverse the President’s agenda and policies. The 2014 Republican congressional majority was not elected to relinquish more power, compromise and enable Obama to use their acquiescence to justify continued abuses. America’s voters demanded that Congress:
    1. Stop the President’s promised “Fundamental Transformation” of the country,
    2. End Executive branch overreach,
    3. Restore Constitutional balance of power among the three branches of government,
    4. Bring an end to the perennially unpopular Affordable Care Act,
    5. Stop the President’s Executive Amnesty initiatives,
    6. Hold the Executive branch accountable for its myriad abuses of power and its national security failures both foreign and domestic, and
    7. Put the interests of the United States of America first among nations.
    The contentious vote for Speaker of the House reflected the frustration of voters nationwide, who did not have confidence that the House Republican Leadership would have the courage to carry out the voters’ mandate. A poll conducted by Pat Caddell confirmed a growing rift between voters and Republican leaders in the House and Senate.

    We the grassroots constitutional conservative base of the Republican Party demand that you do the job we voted you into office to do: end Obamacare; stop executive amnesty; hold the executive branch accountable for its abuses of power and its national security failures both foreign and domestic; and put the interests of the United States of America and Americans first.

    Call urgently the main switchboard for the House of Representative today and stop this travesty of our laws
    (202) 224-3121 TTY: (202)-225-1904
    Pass it on.

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