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Hire Felicetti Law Firm for Your Car Accident Lawsuit

Anyone who either drives a car or rides in one can get involved in a car accident. The risk of getting injured is as real as it can get. If US statistics for 2019 is anything to go by, around 4.4 million were seriously injured and an estimated 38,800 people lost their lives due to car crashes. According to a research carried out by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the US Department of Transportation , the economic costs per person of an average roadway injury works out to be $1.1 million and fatality, $977,000.

Getting involved in a car accident presents a double whammy for the victim. He or she not only has to contend with injuries and lost wages, but also get saddled with the task of dealing with case settlement. If you find yourself at such a sorry pass, it is certainly not a good idea to try to take things in your own hands to settle the deal. The best course of action is to hire an attorney from reputed firms, such as the Felicetti Law Firm

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An experienced car accident attorney will take the following actions: 

#1 Investigate factors contributing to the accident

Although the cause of the accident may seem clear, an experienced attorney will always reconstruct the accident to bring out other contributing factors, such as poor road conditions, driver distraction, vehicle malfunction, or lack of proper signage. He or she will also obtain all the evidence needed to prove liability in the accident claim. For this, he or she may actually visit the accident site and click additional photographs, if required. The attorney will also ensure collection of all the accident reports, and interact with the investigating officer and the witnesses. 

#2 Identify responsible parties 

The contributing factors discovered by the attorney helps in identifying the potentially responsible parties that are liable for compensation. The attorney also pinpoints the liability of other parties, where the blame is not entirely of the driver who caused the accident, such as the company, if it owned the offending car, or the manufacturer, if the car malfunctioned, etc. This will establish who is partially at fault.

#3 Deal with the insurance company

Dealing with an insurance company adjuster by yourself is risky, since the adjuster can use the information you provide against you to invalidate or minimize your claim. For example, the insurance adjuster may misconstrue the information provided by you and offer a compensation that is far less than what your claim is actually worth or make you sign away your right to sue the at-fault driver for further damages. An experienced attorney understands the laws pertaining to car accident claims and is trained in negotiating with insurance company adjusters. Not only this, the attorney can also help you recover lost wages resulting from your injuries.   

#4 Estimate medical costs and other expenses 

One of the toughest parts is to realistically estimate the future medical costs and accident-related expenses incurred in injuries. If this estimation is not done, you are most likely to miss out on compensation required for your complete recovery and rehabilitation. An experienced attorney will consult your doctors and other medical professionals to arrive at the future expenses that are likely to be incurred by you, based on your injuries.

#5 Procure medical records

Medical documents pertaining to injuries provide evidence of damages. These not only provide information about injuries sustained by you, but also help prove that they were caused by the negligence of the at-fault driver. This information is important for successful prosecution. So, collecting these records in a timely manner from the hospital is vital. However, it is not always easy to procure them from the hospital, since providing them is usually not the hospital’s top priority. In large hospitals, there are always procedural delays, whereas in some small hospitals, there is no dedicated staff for handing out such records. An attorney will not only help you in procuring medical records from the hospital, but will also check whether the doctor has mentioned the causation and the extent of injury in your records, essential for prosecution.  

#6 Deal with outstanding dues

Your accident injuries are likely to confine you to bed, making it impossible for you to deal with debt collectors and hospital staff for medical bills. An attorney plays an important role in dealing with debt collectors and hospital staff by informing them of your pending claims for subsequent payment of medical bills, thereby saving you from needless harassment.  


A good car accident attorney from Felicetti Law Firm not only knows how much a case is worth, but also the ways to negotiate to get you the best compensation. However, not all cases need an attorney.

Author: Merin Mathew

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