Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Hillary Clinton tells Florida voters to ‘reaffirm their values’ at polls

As I told him in the debate – he actually said, ‘Well, we may or may not defend our allies in Asia.’ Words matter. And America’s word matters. We have to be reliable and trustworthy. People have to count on us. And we’ve got a lot of work to do around the world. We need to work hard for peace and prosperity. We need to tackle climate change together.

Climate change is real. Florida knows that. My opponent thinks it’s a hoax created by the Chinese. And what that means is he would not be able to take advantage of the economic opportunities that climate change presents. You see, some country’s going to be the clean energy superpower of the 21st Century. I think it’s going to be either China, Germany, or us. I want it to be us, and it can be us if we make up our minds for that to happen. Let’s deploy a half a billion more solar panels. Let’s produce enough clean energy so that every home in America can be powered by it. There’s so much we can do together. And that means we’ve got to work with other countries and we’ve got to demonstrate that we support our allies, whether they’re in Europe, the Middle East with Israel, or Asia, that we stand with those who stand with us.

And then, finally, one of the next priorities that I have if I am so fortunate enough as to be your president is to bring our country together. I’ve got to tell you, look, disagreements, political disagreements, that’s fine. That’s who we are. I don’t know any two people in America who agree on everything politically with each other. And I’ve known, been fortunate enough to know, a number of our more recent presidents. I didn’t always agree with them either, including my husband. But I’ll tell you this: Republicans and Democrats alike, I never doubt they were trying to put the country’s interests first. They were trying to bring people together, not pit us against each other. And one of the things I will do from the very beginning, the very first day of my administration –”


“– is to make them day one – you’re right – is to make sure everybody in the country knows I’m the president of every American, every single person.

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