Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Hillary Clinton tells Florida voters to ‘reaffirm their values’ at polls

And then the third thing I want to do is to make sure – to make sure – more companies share profits with the workers who helped to create those profits in the first place. The other night at the debate, one of my guests was Mark Cuban. He was sitting in the front row. And one of the reasons I was proud to have him there is he believes in profit-sharing. He’s always, in his companies, shared profits. And by the way, he is a real billionaire. And when he sold his first company, he shared the profits from the sale and 300 people who worked for him, who helped to make him a success, became millionaires. I want to lift up and use as examples business leaders like that, not somebody who stiffs contractors, who doesn’t pay dishwashers and painters and plumbers and glass installers and architects and marble installers and so many else, but somebody who has the right attitude, that we’re stronger together in business just like we are in government and America.

And the other thing we have to do more of is to make sure that we help deal with some of the stresses that American families are facing. It is hard to balance family and work, isn’t it? I think we can do better. I want to see us have paid family leave, earned sick days, affordable childcare, and affordable college that includes tuition-free and debt-free college.

Now, after the primary was over – and Senator Sanders and I ran a tough primary, but you know what? I was really proud. We ran a campaign based on issues, not insults. He and I got together and we said, okay, what are we going to do to make sure that more young people can actually get a college education? Because right now, it’s way beyond what a lot of families can afford. And if you go into debt, you come out of it with so much debt that remains a burden on you.

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