Published On: Wed, Jan 20th, 2016

Hillary Clinton attacks Bernie Sanders on gun control, check out his full record

At the Democratic debate on Sunday, Bernie Sanders was attacked intensely about his gun-control record, reminding everyone that he has a D-minus voting record grade from the NRA, stating that “This should not be a political issue. What we should be doing is working together.”

Sanders supports closing the gun-show loopholes and is one of a handful of national politicians to link last year’s Charleston church shooting with racism and domestic terrorism. Supporters claim that Sanders is saying that it should not even be a debate.

Critics, particularly Hillary Clinton, is pushing that Sanders really is so sympathetic to those who would resist stricter gun laws that he would obfuscate the issue with explicitly political platitudes.


“He has voted with the NRA, with the gun lobby numerous times,” Clinton said on stage in Charleston, South Carolina. “He voted to let guns go onto the Amtrak, guns go into National Parks. He voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives,” Clinton added during Sunday’s debate.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

CBS summarzied Sanders’ votes, beginning with the Brady Bill in which Sanders did “…vote against different versions of it five times. A few months after Sanders came to Capitol Hill in 1991 as a member in the House, he voted against a version of the Brady Bill that would have required a waiting period of at least seven days. Sanders later voted against a version modified by the Senate that would have decreased the waiting period to five days.”

“In 1993, the Brady Bill was reintroduced with a five-day waiting period. Sanders voted against that version, but voted in favor of an amendment backed by the NRA to create instant criminal background checks. That year, Sanders also voted against an amendment that would have ended state waiting periods and in favor of an amendment to give people who are denied a gun the right to know why, according to Politifact. At the end of November that year, Congress passed the final bicameral compromise that required a five-day waiting period and instant criminal background check system…Sanders opposed the final version. Jeff Weaver, his current campaign manager, told Politifact last summer that Sanders voted against the measure because he believed the waiting period was a federal overreach.”

On legal immunity: In 2005, Sanders voted for a bill that shielded gun manufacturers and sellers from lawsuits connected to damage caused by guns they sell or make. After increasing pressure from the Clinton campaign, Sanders announced Saturday that would support a new bill that would reverse that legal immunity.

Their analysis continues: “In 2009, Sanders voted to allow Amtrak passengers to store firearms in their checked luggage. President Obama eventually signed this provision into law in a separate bill. That year, Sanders also voted for a bill to allow licensed gun owners to bring firearms into national parks. President Obama eventually signed that bill into law, too….In 1996, Sanders did vote against an amendment when he served in the House that would have restored funding to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for gun violence research. That year, Republicans successfully included language restricting the CDC from conducting that research. That ban has remained in place ever since, though Sanders called in December for it to be stripped.”

photo donkeyhotey  donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

photo donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

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