Published On: Thu, Nov 8th, 2018

HGH Human Growth Hormone Review Uses & Side Effects

The human body produces a wide array of hormones, during different stages of life, in order to promote the proper growth and well-being of the body and the health in general. One of these hormones is known as Human Growth Hormone or HGH. If you do some extensive research online, you will come to know that there are many people who switch to a substance known as HGH with the hope of maintaining their youthful looks and feel for a long time. However, according to experts like Height Growth Club, such hopes are absolutely baseless and these products can prove to be extremely dangerous and harmful for your health.

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Uses of Human Growth Hormones

It was in the year 1985 that a synthetic version of the human growth hormone was developed that was also approved by the FDA. The sole purpose of the substance was to use it on children for the treatment of short physical statures due to various unknown causes, along with poor physical growth due to several medical causes. Some of these have been discussed below for your knowledge.

  • Chronic kidney disease.
  • Turner’s syndrome, which is a genetic disorder that has a negative effect on a girl’s development.
  • HGH insufficiency or deficiency.
  • Prader-Willi syndrome, which is an uncommon genetic disorder that causes low levels of sex hormones, poor muscle tone, along with a regular feeling of hunger.

FDA had also approved the use of the HGH substance on adults on a number of medical causes. Some of these are listed below.

  • Muscle-wasting disease that is normally associated with HIV.
  • Short bowel syndrome, which is a condition in which your body fails to absorb the nutrients properly due to a serious intestinal disease or even when a large part of the small intestine is surgically removed.
  • A deficiency of HGH in your body due to a rare pituitary tumor or the treatment of it.

There are many people who use the HGH substance for uses that are not approved by the FDA. You will find people using it with other drugs that boost your performance, such as anabolic steroids, in order to improve athletic performance and build muscles.

Side Effects of HGH

If you use the HGH substance in a way that is not approved by the FDA, it may have several side effects on your overall health. Some of these have been mentioned below.

  • Joint, nerve or muscle pain.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Excessive swelling due to fluid in your different body tissues.
  • High cholesterol levels.
  • Tingling and numbness of your skin.

Excessive use of HGH can also enhance the levels of diabetes and give rise to cancerous tumors in your body. It is also true that if you manage to get the drug in an illegal manner, you may not know about the authenticity of the drug. It is always better to let certain drugs be used for the purpose they have been designed. If you try to use it in any other manner, you may endanger your health and get into serious medical trouble.

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