Published On: Tue, Aug 29th, 2017

Here’s why to consider a Tiny House as a Living Option

If you are a fan of TV reality shows, you have most likely come across Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House Builders and Tiny House Big Living. These shows are revealing a growing American love affair with tiny houses. While Americans are known for their love for big things including cars, houses and everything else, there seems to be a shift from 2,200 square feet houses to these smaller portable homes.

If you are looking for an affordable yet innovative living option, it is time to consider what these portable houses have to offer. Tiny houses mostly consist of a kitchen, living area, and bedroom. They are about 250 to 500 square feet and some of them are portable.

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Here are some of the reasons to go for a tiny house as opposed to other existing options:


  • Cost-savings and Financial Freedom


Building an ordinary sized home can take years of painstaking saving and sacrifices. For most people, mortgages will feel like a yoke around the neck for years to come. While you might have a lot of space to call your own, you will have bound yourself into a financial fix. With a tiny house, the cost of building is low and you will be free from debt. Better still, you enjoy financial freedom as a large part of your monthly income will not be deducted to pay mortgage.


  • De-Cluttering Your Life


Americans are known for their life of hoarding stuff. If you own a home, it reaches a point where you have no more space to store all your belongings. Millions of homeowners are renting out storage space for stuff they don’t even need. With a tiny house, you only have what is necessary in your life. This might not seem like a big deal until you actually experience it and realize how liberating it is.


  • A Home on Wheels


Many people would like to travel throughout their lives but it seems like a very daring move. If you select a tiny house for sale and use it as a retirement home, you can visit areas you’ve always had on your bucket list. Some tiny houses are designed with the constant traveller in mind. They come with their own water supply, energy sources and other facilities you need to keep moving.


  • No Worries over Moving


One of the toughest decisions you can make in life is leaving your expensive house and relocating due to work commitment or other personal reasons. You have to sell the property and this takes a lot of time. When living in a tiny house, you are not attached to any property or land and you can move any time and even on short notice.


  • Easier Home Maintenance


You only have a few rooms to clean and with fewer items in these rooms, maintaining your home takes a shorter time. These homes are always spick and span because owners can easily clean them up.

Other advantages of choosing these homes include lower carbon footprint, higher quality of life among others.

Author: Charlie Brown

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