Published On: Mon, Oct 17th, 2016

Here’s everything you should know about an emotional support animal letter

Did you know that about 1/5 of the United States adult population suffers from a mental illness or an emotional disorder? The figures are more or less the same across many countries in Europe. These conditions include stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, phobias, and mood disorders, among many other conditions. People who suffer from these conditions often require an emotional support animal which necessitates them to obtain an emotional support animal letter.

Often these conditions are difficult to treat and are sometimes considered chronic conditions. They are lifelong conditions that require long periods of medication and therapy but all hope is not lost. Among the most effective treatment approaches is the use of emotional support animals.

Public domain dog drawing

Public domain dog drawing

What is an emotional support animal?

An emotional support animal can be any domestic or tamable animal. They are animals that are generally recognized as pets for example dogs, cats, parrots, bunnies, ferrets etc. Some people may go for weird choices such as snakes and lizards. It does not matter your choice of the animal as long as you relate well with it and you can feel a form of connection. However, common sense should be applied. Some animals are obviously a better choice than others e.g. a goat may not be as appropriate as a dog.

Emotional support animal letter

An ESA letter is a document issued by a licensed mental health practitioner. This includes a psychiatrist or a therapist. The mental health expert must ascertain that the person concerned is emotionally disabled and prescribe an emotional support animal. The letter allows a person to own an animal for emotional support.

The Importance of an emotional support animal letter

For you to have a right recognized by the state of owning an emotional support animal, you must have an emotional support animal letter. This letter allows one to among other benefits:

  1. Be able to fly with their animal without being charged pet fee.
  2. Be accommodated in non-pet residences without being charged pet fees.

You do not have to register a dog as emotional support animal even though The National Service Animal Registry exists. Registration is not required by law and cannot provide protection in the occurrence of a legal dispute. To register emotional support animal is, therefore, an exercise in futility and you certainly should not be charged for it.

How to get approved for an emotional support animal

The law requires that for an approval for the license to be valid, the person must be examined by a recognized mental health specialist. Every state has a list of certified mental health experts who can verify the condition of the person suffering from an emotional disorder. If he is satisfied, he will prescribe an emotional support animal for therapy.

The easiest way, however, is to go online and get examined by examined by a certified mental health expert. You will only be required to take a short medical test to ascertain your condition and you will be able to get your results in no time. If the mental health expert finds that you need an emotional support animal, they will issue an approval and you will get your emotional support animal letter promptly.

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