Published On: Fri, Aug 28th, 2020

Helping Your Kids Learn from Home

Nobody could have predicted the current situation with the global pandemic and it has without a doubt had an impact on everyone’s lives. The children around the nation faced a very different end of the school year where many school districts clunkley put together online education solutions to have students safe. With summer going by in a flash it is now time for the new school year where hopefully the education system has had more time to adequately adapt to the ever changing situation. As a parent with a student learning from home there are many things you ought to do to ensure your child is set up for success. Incorporating physical exercise, offering supplemental learning material like primer, and teaching personal life skills are all ways to set your child up for success in an uncertain world. Below are a few things you can do as a parent to ensure your child has the optimum learning experience from home. 

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Incorporating Physical Activity

Physical activity is a very important component of a child’s education and well being. In today’s world it is getting more and more common that physical education is being replaced by more academia. While increasing the students knowledge is important, giving them an outlet for frustration and stress is a vital tool to ensure they learn proper coping skills. Without an outlet many students can face anxiety, depression, or unhealthy habits. Channeling these into a physical activity allows students a better state of mind that is clearer and ready to take on a day of learning. With kids learning from home it is a good idea to incorporate at least 30 minutes of exercise to give them a break from staring at a screen for hours on end. This time allows kids to be kids and to get their daily exercise which is important to reduce the risk of sedentary associated illnesses. 

Teach cooking and healthy eating

Cooking is sadly a skill that is not commonly shared by kids in today’s world. With 3 pushes of an app you can have virtually any food delivered straight to your door. While this is convenient, it is ultimately detrimental to learning how to cook new things and detrimental to the wallet. Many kids in school will take home economics which teaches cooking among other life skills. As a parent of an online student it is important to include your child in cooking, food preparation, and decisions in what will be made. Having a curiosity and desire to make meals promotes a healthy mind set of discovery and excitement about food. Home cooked meals are also typically healthier from their boxed or frozen counterparts so by promoting interest into the food in the house will teach your kids how to choose a healthier diet and not be intimidated by cooking. Setting up these life skills will better prepare your child for the real world where they will be better equipped for eating healthy. 

Supplemental learning

Online school has its advantages with increased flexibility and lack of a need for transportation to and from school. While these conveniences are nice they do come with some drawbacks. The main drawback for online school is that students lack the hands-on components that many courses have to explain concepts. This is incredibly true in the sciences where many topics are explained conceptually and then followed up by a demonstration to show the students the concept in action. While these demonstrations may seem like just something to excite students, they are often crucial for those students that learn best with hands-on and physical activities where they are able to see the concepts with their own eyes. Online supplemental tools like primer reintroduce these important hands on activities by giving students a different way of interacting with the material being learned. When a student interacts with the same concepts from multiple ways it makes it easier to remember and recall the information later on. By giving your student more ways to view a concept that is fun and enjoyable, you are setting them up for good grades and a greater love for learning. 

Personal Life Skills

Many people experience shell shock when they go onto living on their own whether that is college or simply moving out. The majority of this comes for unpreparedness as schools teach an education but oftentimes do not provide students with a quality education on life skills. With students going online their world becomes a little smaller and ensuring they are prepared to become independent is extremely important as a parent. Skills like planning, time management, self discipline, and budgeting are all things that can be taught fairly easily and will have huge impacts on the students life once graduated.

Overall the best way you can help your child do their best in online school is to become an active participant in their learning. Your interest will show your student that you value them and what they are learning. This will set your child up for a path to success.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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