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Health Carousel Honors Dr Franklin Shaffer with the DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award

Health Carousel and CGFNS recently honored Dr. Franklin Shaffer with the coveted DAISY Lifetime Achievement award.

Skilled, compassionate nurses provide superb care to countless patients across the globe. Many of these nursing professionals are involved in bedside care while others excel in administrative or nursing education roles.

Registered Nurses who go “above and beyond” often receive The DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nurses. The non-profit DAISY Foundation presents this accolade to express appreciation to nurses who have profoundly uplifted the lives of patients and patients’ families.

Dr. Franklin Shaffer Receives DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award

On rare occasions, the DAISY Foundation and its partners recognize a nursing professional who has delivered truly remarkable service throughout their nursing career. In December 2022, CGFNS International presented Franklin A. Shaffer, EdD, R.N., FAAN, FFNMRCSI with The DAISY Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Shaffer has spent over 60 years in the nursing profession. His nursing career began in the U.S. Army, where he reached the ranks of Head Nurse and 1st Lieutenant. Following his military service, Dr. Shaffer played a key role in several nursing-related organizations.

Dr. Shaffer’s Professional Achievements

Most recently, Dr. Shaffer excelled as CGFNS International’s Chief Executive Officer. He also serves as the International Centre on Nurse Migration (ICNM) Secretariat, marking a strategic partnership between CGFNS International and ICN.

This much-admired nursing professional has also been instrumental in shaping nursing education’s accreditation programs. Dr. Shaffer performed these services as the National League for Nursing’s former Deputy Director.

Dr. Shaffer presented The Joint Commission with a business case supporting the healthcare staffing industry’s certification. Over 400 healthcare staffing companies have since joined this timely initiative.

Most appropriately, the American Academy of Nursing (or AAN) named Dr. Shaffer a Living Legend in August 2022. This is AAN’s highest and most respected designation.

Health Carousel Presents Dr. Shaffer’s DAISY Award at His Gala Retirement Event

Dr. Shaffer was surprised to receive the DAISY Lifetime Achievement Award during his December 2022 retirement celebration. The CGFNS staff organized this gala event at Philadelphia’s vintage Fairmount Water Works. Over 150 colleagues, family, and friends gathered to celebrate Dr. Shaffer’s contributions to the nursing profession.

Health Carousel, a leading healthcare staffing firm that partners with CGFNS International and the DAISY Foundation, presented (and sponsored) Dr. Shaffer’s award. Bill DeVille, Health Carousel Chairman, and Co-founder, presented the award along with Earl Dalton, Health Carousel’s Chief Nursing Officer.

To commemorate the memorable event, Dr. Shaffer received a striking DAISY Healer’s Touch sculpture. A larger DAISY Healer’s Touch sculpture, also sponsored by Health Carousel, will be mounted with a plaque that describes the award.

Health Carousel Leaders Affirm Dr. Shaffer’s Achievements

Health Carousel Chairman and Co-founder Bill DeVille, who has known Dr. Shaffer professionally for years, spoke of the nursing leader’s dedication to superior professional practice and ethical recruitment standards. “I have known and worked with Franklin for many years. He has accomplished many great things to ensure high professional practice standards and ethical recruitment practices.

“He inspired the Alliance’s ‘Certified Ethical Recruiter’ and The Joint Commission’s Health Care Staffing Services certifications, both of which will positively impact healthcare staffing and continue to grow for years beyond his retirement,” Chairman DeVille concluded.

Health Carousel Chief Nursing Officer Earl Dalton also expressed appreciation for the opportunity to honor Dr. Shaffer. “It was truly an honor to present this award and attend the celebration. Health Carousel is also honored for being entrusted by the DAISY Foundation to present this award in the meaningful manner it deserves. We can think of no better nurse to receive this award than Dr. Shaffer. His impact on U.S. and global nursing is truly great,” CNO Earl Dalton said.

About CGFNS International, Inc.

Philadelphia-based CGFNS International is an immigration-neutral non-profit organization. Established in 1977, CGFNS International furnishes foreign healthcare professionals and students with an objective assessment and validation of their academic and/or professional qualifications. This information better equips these healthcare workers to work in other countries. Finally, CGFNS also advocates for ethical recruitment practices.

About The DAISY Foundation

The non-profit DAISY Foundation was established in memory of J. Patrick Barnes. Members of his family created the foundation to honor the young man who died at age 33 in 1999.

Patrick died from complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (or ITP). This is an obscure, but fairly common, auto-immune disease. On a related note, DAISY is an acronym that stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System.

While Patrick was ill, he and his family received exceptional nursing care and support. This inspired Patrick’s family to create The DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nurses. This evidence-based award recognizes nurses for making profound impacts on patients’ lives and those of their families.

Today, The DAISY Foundation has an international scope. The organization actively works in more than 5,500 healthcare facilities and nursing schools. The DAISY Foundation recognizes direct care nurses, nurse leaders, and nurse-led teams. Nursing faculty and students are also eligible for recognition.

Finally, the organization presents The DAISY Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, which Dr. Shaffer most deservedly received. In addition, The DAISY Foundation awards the J. Patrick Barnes Grants for Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Projects and Medical Mission Grants.  

About Health Carousel

Cincinnati-based Health Carousel is the United States’ 19th-largest healthcare staffing agency. Launched in 2004, the company’s founders established the firm after learning that many communities were experiencing healthcare professional shortages.

To help turn the situation around, the business’ innovative founders developed a mission that continues today. They wanted to guarantee that “every American has access to high-quality healthcare when and where they need it.” 

Causes of Healthcare Worker Shortages

Several factors are behind the United States’ ongoing shortage of skilled healthcare professionals. First, chronic understaffing has existed for decades, compelling existing staffers to put in regular overtime.

In addition, certain geographic regions see seasonal patient variations. To illustrate, beach towns may see higher patient counts in the summer while warm-winter destinations attract winter “snowbirds.” These seasonal fluctuations make it difficult to adequately plan for staffing needs.

The 21st Century’s Emerging Staffing Challenges

In the 21st century’s second decade, many seasoned healthcare professionals (especially Registered Nurses) are beginning their retirements. Other nurses have embarked on early retirement or changed careers. Job stress, particularly from the COVID-19 pandemic, is often behind this move.

Concurrently, the United States’ growing senior population often requires more medical diagnostic and treatment services compared to younger population members. Specialty medical practices, ambulatory surgical centers, and diagnostic facilities increasingly serve these older adults.

Health Carousel Delivers Staffing Solutions in All 50 States

Health Carousel’s brands invite Registered Nurses, physicians and advanced practice professionals, and allied health workers to explore career opportunities at every level. Contract, temp-to-perm, and permanent assignments are available.

In late 2022, Health Carousel’s exceptional healthcare professionals have provided quality care to over 10 million patients. The firm delivers targeted staffing solutions to hospitals and medical practices in large cities, small towns, and rural areas.

Experienced Recruiters Utilize the Latest Recruitment Technology

Each Health Carousel recruiter is intimately familiar with specific geographic markets. They can also access leading-edge recruitment technology. Together, these tools enable the firm’s recruiters to identify the best candidate for each job opportunity.

Although satisfying clients’ needs is important, Health Carousel always meets this goal in a highly ethical manner. The company has earned numerous accolades for its commitment to ethical recruitment standards.

Four Staffing Divisions Address Clients’ Specific Needs

Each hospital or medical practice is navigating a different staffing challenge. Health Carousel’s four staffing divisions are each equipped with the resources to design and implement a solution.

Health Carousel Travel Nursing

Health Carousel Travel Nursing (or HCTN) provides skilled Registered Nurses to hospitals and medical practices in every state. With the streamlined HCTN infrastructure in place, skilled recruiters can quickly find the right Registered Nurse for each position. Nurses with specialty certifications and/or skills may see increased job opportunities. Travel nurses’ short- to mid-term assignments usually offer multiple starting dates.

Health Carousel Locum Tenens

The Health Carousel Locum Tenens (or HCLT) Division provides physicians and advanced practice professionals to hospitals and medical practices. To fill each temporary opening, skilled HCLT recruiters scan that state’s database of credentialed providers.

Once the recruiter identifies the right candidate, HCLT support team members complete all credentialing and hiring tasks. When each skilled healthcare professional arrives on site, they are fully equipped to provide quality care.

Health Carousel Workforce Solutions

Each hospital or medical practice has workforce challenges that require targeted solutions. Health Carousel Workforce Solutions (or HCWS) is well-equipped to address these issues.

First, the HCWS Chief Nursing Officer convenes a clinical specialist team. After these experts analyze each staffing problem, they design a workable solution. Next, skilled workforce management experts implement and adjust the program as needed.

Managed Services Provider Solutions

The Health Carousel Managed Services Provider (or MSP) Team believes getting to the root of the problem inspires the best solution. First, the MSP Team defines the staffing challenge and its contributing factors. Next, clinically managed workforce experts combine industry expertise and technology to design a solution.

With the underlying problem addressed, the client requires fewer contingent workers. This results in reduced expenses and a better bottom line. The facility’s staff may see increased job satisfaction that translates into improved patient care.

Health Carousel International Offers Longer-Term Staffing Solutions

Clients who want extended-term staffing solutions often work with Health Carousel International (or HCI). This respected global staffing firm operates the PassportUSA Program which recruits international healthcare professionals seeking employment in United States healthcare facilities.

Experienced recruiters field inquiries from Registered Nurses, occupational and physical therapists, and medical technologists. Once a candidate is accepted into the PassportUSA Program, the HCI team handles the credentialing and hiring tasks. When the vetted healthcare professional arrives in the United States, they are prepared to work.

Throughout the healthcare professional’s assignment, the HCI Clinical Team assists with professional development activities. Team members also ensure that the healthcare worker maintains needed certifications and/or credentials.

Health Carousel’s Acclaimed “Light the Way” Initiative Supports Nurses’ Career Development

Health Carousel’s “Light the Way” Program supports nurses in their acquisition of graduate and postgraduate degrees. Once United States nurses complete their advanced education, they are prepared to teach the next generation of nurses. International nurses are eligible for the “Light the Way” Program following completion of their first Health Carousel assignment.

Health Carousel Prioritizes Ethical Recruitment Standards

While Health Carousel works diligently to resolve clients’ healthcare staffing challenges, the company always adheres to strict ethical recruitment standards. Specifically, when recruiting global healthcare professionals, Health Carousel funds scholarships that train origin countries’ Registered Nurses.

To recognize Health Carousel’s ongoing commitment to ethical staffing, The Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices has named the company a “Certified Ethical Recruiter.” This recognized non-profit supports global healthcare professionals’ transparent and fair recruitment. From Health Carousel’s perspective, fulfilling clients’ needs while gaining recognition for ethical recruitment is truly a “win-win” for everybody.

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