Published On: Thu, Jan 25th, 2018

Have You Been Watching the Best Action Movies?

Kicks and fists flying all over the place, gunshots and bullets slamming into bodies, bombs going off leaving a ball of fire and incredible destruction in their wake…who doesn’t love a good action movie? You must be thinking along the lines of blades connecting with necks and severing them and arrows going straight through the heart or stomach and exiting on the other side.

That does not floor your guy yet. Oh no. He still has a few good fights left in him. Until he keels over after a few pulsing kicks, he is not crossing over alone. The classing action movie. Drug lords and assassins for hire and top government secrets that must be protected…or the president who can fend for himself when a lone terrorist accosts him. This is the stuff that tempts you to sit up all night.



Your regular action movie must have its good share of blood and bodies. The best action movies will have:


  • Fighting – As in hand-to-hand, or sword-to-sword combat. Whether they are pulling the latest martial arts moves or fencing, that is definitely thrilling to watch; even through the cringe-worthy moments.
  • Stunts – Most of the moves the characters pull should never be tried off the screen. It is highly unlikely that a fall off a roof will land you safely in a garbage truck that just happens tobe lumbering by as you plummet to certain death.
  • Car chases – Screeching brakes and tight corners and meeting the traffic head-on as you drive at diabolical speeds down the wrong way is not something you want to do. You will get crashed faster than you can yell for help.
  • Explosions – There will be skyscrapers levelled to a rubble and cars being lifted to the sky in horrific explosions. The noise, the scampering for safety, the screams and despair all work to elicit open-mouthed wonder.


Action movies usually involve a solo hero facing the world alone. His leaders do not believe his theories of important officials out to sabotage the government or the threat of attacks by aliens. In fact, it usually turns out that one of the fishy bosses that he does not exactly get along with because there is just something off about him is working with the big guns.

The lone ranger finds himself fighting for justice all alone and in the face of doubting bosses and very dangerous and powerful people. He has very refined skills and just happens to be best friends with the best espionage officer in the lifetime of espionage officers.


If it does not have you cringing and wishing for a gun so you can shoot that hypocritical vice president of a spy outfit in the head, then it is a failed mission. It is expected to provoke shock and outrage in equal measure.

You have not watched the best action movie until you have ranted to your companions about what you would do to the traitor and how far you would throw him, plus you would not even bother following the law because, evidently, that does not always work as expected.

Author: Charlie Brown

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