Published On: Tue, Nov 17th, 2015

Hasbro announces ‘Transformers: Micronauts’ toy connections, unveils ‘T5’ film logo

At the Hasbro’s Investor Day, CEO Brian Goldner and CFO Deborah Thomas provided updates on their upcoming product lines, gave a detailed account of the Transformers film franchise and shared a “temporary” logo for the fifth film.

Thanks to TFW2005 fans can see Transformers 5 logo, which is considered a placeholder. Comicbook.com noted that the “Transformers: Age of Extinction placeholder logo ended up being quite similar to the official version, so the same might be so for Transformers 5.”

Hasbro also announced Transformers: Micronauts – integrating the Micronauts into the Transformers universe. Details were not released at this time.

“Micronauts was a toyline created in the 1970s by the Japanese company Mego (now owned by Hasbro) that consisted of 3.75-inch-tall action figures. The backstory on them was that the Micronauts came from a small world and when they arrived on Earth they disguised themselves as toys. The toyline sparked interest from Marvel’s Bill Mantlo, who along with Michael Golden, created them a comic book series that was first published in 1979.” (Comicbook.com)

More details over at TFW2005 – click here

In an interview with IGN, Akiva Goldsman said that the direction of the next Transformers movies will be more episodic and self-contained while still following a main storyline.

“Our hope is that they are all interconnected and of course standalone, right?” he said. “I think architecturally, the best — I think I believe this — the best serialized storytelling has integrity from start to finish of the episode, whether it be TV or a movie or comic book or novel series or short story series. You want to be able to satisfy both appetites — which I think is very different from procedural or episodic. You want to feed the instinct for the short-term gratification and the longterm gratification. So we’re trying to do both.”

The new Transformers film is presumed to be released in 2017, so expect some concrete news soon.

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