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Harry Potter continues its legacy as the Greatest Movie Franchise in history


Everyone has read the Harry Potter books, watched the films or both. The Harry Potter frenzy is already intense as fans anticipate the opening of Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows – part one of the finale to the series. My assertion that Harry Potter is already the Greatest Movie Franchise could simply be supported by box office numbers: #1 Worldwide.

Sorry America, but the rest of the world would count as Harry over James Bond with over $5.4 billion in receipts. Star Wars currently holds the title for US Gross, but the two Deathly Hallows films will shore up that gap.

So why else should Harry, Hermione and Ron hold the crown over Vader, Bond and many, many others?

James Bond actors Sean Connery Roger Moore Daniel Craig Timothy Dalton pierce Brosnan George LazenbyConsistent Cast

First, an most amazingly, the cast has been maintained. With only a few minor casting changes (the death of Richard Harris should not count against this theory) the actors have all stayed aboard the Potter train. While this seems trivial, note that most franchises cannot keep a cast consistent beyond three films.

James Bond hosts an incredible legacy of 23 films, the debate over the best Bond leads most debates. Had George Lazenby not turned down Diamonds Are Forever would we have ever witnessed a Sean Connery return or Roger Moore as 007?

The Star Trek franchise did muster 11 films but that was the amalgam of two separate casts from their respective TV series and now new faces for a reboot. Four actors donned Batman‘s cowl to create six films and Spidey‘s streak ends at three as a whole new cast is lined up for the new film.

Impact on Literacy

Whether Fanboys or Trekkies want to admit it, but the Harry Potter films publicize the books and attract readers accordingly.

photo/Brandon Jones at Universal Studios Orlando 2012

photo/Brandon Jones at Universal Studios Orlando 2012

“With just one week to go before the launch of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, millions of children across the world are waiting in anticipation for the next Harry Potter. This survey demonstrates the true value of Harry Potter – the children’s own enthusiasm for reading books when they find books that inspire them so much that they want to read more,” says George Grey, Head of Children’s Books at Waterstone’s.

Educators worldwide have sited the positive impact Harry has had in classroom, turning non-readers into readers and creating many new topics for discussion. Which Hogwarts teacher would you like to have and why?

Greatness is Consistently being Great

Hey, Star Wars fans: Phantom Menace. Trekkies: Even numbers good, odds…not so much.

Harry has already produced six great films, easily equal to the weaker films found in other franchises.

For example: Harry beats Indiana Jones and Spider-Man box offices COMBINED and that included: Temple of Doom, Crystal Skull and Spidey 3 –ugh.

Here’s my ranking of the 6 Harry Potter films:

  • 6. Chamber of Secrets
  • 5. Sorcerer’s Stone
  • 4. Half Blood Prince
  • 3. Order of the Phoenix
  • 2. Prisoner of Azkaban
  • 1. Goblet of Fire

So where’s the weakest link? Top Franchises all have films that couldn’t crack Harry’s list:

  • Star Wars – Phantom Menace
  • Star Trek – Motion Picture, Search for Spock, Final Frontier (gasp), I could go on
  • Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions
  • Bond: Goldeneye, Die Another Day, View to a Kill, Octopussy, Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Batman and Robin, Batman Returns

Some franchises just haven’t the resume that Harry has built: Lord of the Rings and Toy Story are the best examples.

james-phelps-fred-bonnie-wright-ginny-rupert-grint-ron-oliver-phelps-george-weasleyImpact on Pop Culture

I don’t expect to see the cast of Harry Potter relegated to overpriced autographed booths at every Sci-Fi convention, but it’s easy to see that incredible merchandising machine and profits from the Harry Potter films. There is now a separate section at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure bringing the wizardry mythology to life.

Spider-Man and Star Wars got a ride, Shrek got a show, but Harry Potter and company had an entire section of park: rides, restaurants, stores – everything.

Fun for all ages

From the children to the adults, the Harry Potter craze is universal. I was discussing my kids anticipation of the seventh film with a co-worker and her response was how she planned to see the film on opening night.

The “Fun for all ages” applies to many other franchises, but proves how Harry Potter influences all of Pop Culture.


My first effort at “blogging” before it was called “blogging” was a Pop Culture, Comic Book column at CrazedFanboy.com.

A lot sure has changed since these days.

Due to the support/pressure from my DOB comrades, Splash Page was resurrected to publish Pop Culture topics and the “State of the Nation” will continue to deal with politics and heavy issues.

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