Published On: Sun, Oct 4th, 2020

Handy Tips To Speed Up The Process Of Developing An App

The process of app development aligns with the proper execution of the sources within the right set of timelines. And with the tough competition in the market, any shift in the system can wipe you out of the run — even before the app makes it to the market.

While at it, there’s a constant brawl between the speed and quality ends wherein one is often sidelined. And this results in the output that couldn’t stand the interest of you and your audience. 

This article will guide you through some handy tips to speed up your app development process so that you don’t get to compromise at any end. Plus, brief you with an idea of how long does it take to develop an app. So, read on. 

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Use the latest tools and techniques 

App development can be a long and arduous task. And with so much to do from designing, testing, coding, and execution, the developers are often seen juggling between the missing pieces. 

However, with the use of the right set of tools and techniques, you can speed up the entire reel of app development. This will not only make the work easier but also direct you towards the main areas of focus.

Here’s a list of some effective tools that can help you amp up your game-


  • Vysor: Enables you to share live screens between different workstations and root devices.


  • Leakcanary: Helps you in debugging any memory leak out of your notice.


  • Hierarchy Viewer: Gives you an overview of your app. Plus, allow you to study and test its various elements.


  • Butterknife: Enhance the readability of your boilerplates texts and a great tool to cut down the app development time.

Start with MVP

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is considered to be one of the best practices concerning the app development. Launching MVP, instead of a full-fledged app, will provide you with a better understanding of certain aspects. 

Go with MVP to collect user data and feedback, analyzing the credibility as well as the usability of your product. This, in turn, will assist you in learning about the space of improvements and making relevant changes. Ensure understanding the basic frills with MVP to make up for an app that meets up all your expectations. 

Follow up with hybrid app development 

Aiming at both the Android and iOS users means you’ll need the app implementation for both the devices. However, native app development can certainly be more time consuming—bringing in further delays in the process.

Concerning this, opt for hybrid app development that comes up as a speedy and robust option to excel through the market. 

Outsource the additional/specialized tasks

Apparently, it is not possible to be proficient at every task and figure that the app development operation complies with. Therefore, when it comes to this, make sure to pick on to competent individuals or organizations for the job. 

Besides this, learn to drive your focus towards the core credentials and assign the side errands to the less experienced members. This will ease you from the weight of small knick-knacks and work along with essential parameters.

Make good use of both manual and automated testing 

Automated testing secure as an effective means of testing, including all the essential tools to perform the tests thoroughly. However, automated testing tools do not always serve as an active measure to make your best bet. 

Then what makes up the right way?

The thing is to work with both automated and manual means of testing to eliminate any scope for misleads. This is to ensure quality results with a market-ready product to set in the market.

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