Published On: Tue, Jul 14th, 2020

Haj Gueye on diversity, heritage, and the future of Maison de Haj

Global fashion enterprise Maison de Haj has been investing in the impactful presence of clients from different industries and walks of life for over three decades.  Established by Haj Gueye, stylist, tailor, and purveyor of impactful design, the brand has been crafting bespoke garments made from exquisite fabrics that command respect and instill confidence.

Multiculturalism and diversity have always been the core of Maison de Haj’s ethos.  Haj Gueye shares that his background has taught him to appreciate and understand the unique heritage of people.  He shares, “As the son of a designer who has dressed many dignitaries across Africa and Europe, I gained a global perspective and respect for different cultures. I watched my father add value to his client’s lives, regardless of background and culture. That way of seeing others, of treating others, was embedded in me from an early age.”  A third-generation designer and tailor, Haj was mentored by his father, Barra Gueye.  Born in Senegal and raised in France, Haj furthered his career as a designer and stylist by working in Paris couture houses.  Through his experiences, he gained skills and influence from the masters in fashion.  

Now that he is the head of a global fashion enterprise that he established, Haj Gueye has taken the best practices from fellow experts in the industry.  “Each piece is made from the finest materials sourced from around the world.  We have also partnered with many supply chain companies from different cultures,” Haj explains.  “Maison de Haj has always treated its multicultural partners with the utmost respect, and that is how a rich global product line is developed.”

photo Frerieke from The Hague, The Netherlands via wikimedia commons

Haj Gueye shares that the team and the talented craftsmen in the atelier are also multicultural.  Furthermore, he sees that valuing the heritage of each staff member and client has proven to be a wonderful model that has led to strong relationships and success through the years.  

Remarks the thought leader, “Bringing a global perspective on staffing and building client relationships has the potential to be a wonderful model for all companies, if company leaders could take a step back and see the richness that diversity brings to any endeavor.” As for the future of his company,  Haj Gueye has this to say, “We want to continue to build on the rich diversity of our company by adding talent from across all races and backgrounds, so as to continue to build and promote the  Maison de Haj brand long after I am gone.”

Haj Gueye is aware of the shift in thinking that recent issues have propelled.  He discusses, “There is definitely a growing social consciousness.  I predict that there will be more openness to diverse designers from places in the world outside of Europe and the US.  The world is becoming more like one big neighborhood, and no country or destination is really that remote.”  Also, he notes that the positive change is setting the stage for multicultural designers like him who draw from different design perspectives.  Creating value in diversity has always been at the center of his work. 

Author: James Daniel

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