Published On: Fri, Aug 1st, 2014

Guinness beer uses ‘Leaning on the Everlasting Arms’ in new ad, Christians not happy

Guinness beer makers have irked some Christians fuming over the company’s latest television commercial which honors members of the U.S. military during a rendition of the famous hymn Leaning on the Everlasting Arms.
soldier toasting in Guenness beer commercial

Should Christians drink? A new Guinness commerical has fueled that debate photo/screenshot of YouTube version

A bartender fills a glass of Guinness in the corner of a bar until a soldier comes home in the new ad titled “Empty Chair.” The music fills the background. When the soldier returns everyone toasts the man before the narrator announces: “The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character.”

Monica Cole, director of American Family Association’s One Million Moms, contends the commercial leaves a bitter taste in her mouth.
“Currently, One Million Moms is contacting Guinness beer asking them to change the music and not use Christian hymns to sell beer,” said Cole. “Guinness beer could have chosen many different songs, many different choices, but they specifically chose ‘Leaning on the Everlasting Arms’ as the background music in their ad,” she says. “The ad does not have the lyrics of the song, but because of its popularity anyone could recognize the hymn.” 
The commercial has revitalized the long-standing debate whether Christians should drink alcohol.
Arthur Guinness was a devout Christian who used proceeds from the business to sponsor many Christian endeavors in his homeland of Dublin, Ireland. 
According to Relevant Magazine, Guinness was inspired one Sunday while listening to the founder of Methodism, John Wesley, so he “poured himself in founding the first Sunday schools in Ireland. He gave vast amounts of money to the poor, sat on the board of a hospital designed to serve the needy and bravely challenged the material excesses of his own social class. He was nearly a one-man army of reform.”
Check out the full commercial below and sound off in the comment section.

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  1. B D says:

    Mrs. Cole and the Million Moms are a clear indication of two things. Pharisees are thriving in this century. There are Million Misserable Dads.
    As a vet and Christ follower I find the ad to say much more than the canned “thank you for your service.”

  2. Edward says:

    I’m all for it! If they had tried to air the commercial with a vocal accompanient, the non Christians would have been up in arms. Way to sneak a Christian hymn in at Christmas time Guinness!

  3. Travis says:

    I love the commercial! I am also a devout Christian and I don’t believe that there is anything wrong with playing “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” to a Guinness ad. A message to Monica Cole, Guinness is a Christian brewing company. It was founded by a man of devout faith. You say that Guinness could have chosen many different songs and they could have, but instead they chose a Christian hymn. That says something about their character and it says something about yours for judging Guinness because they brew beer. You should really read the story on how the company got started and the principals they are founded on today. It’s a real shame that “Christians” today throw a fit because someone plays a Christian hymn on TV even if it is for beer. Jesus drank wine by the way, not grape juice.

    • Your Name... says:

      Doesn’t matter what you love or believe. You are hell bound if you do not get right with All Mighty God. Repent now or Repent come judgement day. Either way weather it be now or later you will repent

  4. Barbara says:

    I think it’s brilliant — a reminder that each of us is called to be an instrument of God’s grace on earth.

  5. mary fran says:

    love the song, love the beer. as a Methodist who remembers that the first recorded miracle of Jesus was turning water to wine, don’t have a problem with this ad. it was actually rather touching.

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