Published On: Fri, Dec 29th, 2017

Guideline into DBA consulting as a Career: What Aspiring DBA Consultants should know

Hundreds of companies rely on their computer database to electronically store the organization’s most important files and information. The companies and integrity of the database is at all times crucial to the organizations’ success and for this reason, the computer database needs extra attention and service.

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What is the purpose of DBA Administrators in an Organization?

A company that relies entirely on computer database will have a database consultant or administrator manage the database. The administrator is always referred to as a DBA and his responsibilities include installing, maintaining and updating the system.

Whether your organization prefers a DBA on the company premises or simply wishes to outsource one, a good DBA must always be willing and able to provide remote database administration services.

Additionally, a remote database administrator works as an on-site administrator. This is to mean that their schedule is quite tight and unlike other staff members, vacations and leaves are strictly off their diary. As a company looking to hire a DBA, it is advisable that you find someone who is available, knowledgeable and well equipped to handle all the technical and logistical issues within the company’s administration and database system.

Also, look for a remote database administration company that offers its services round the clock. 24 hours and day, 7 days a week should be their routine because in the event that your company has issues with the system, you must be able to reach out to your DBA for assistance at all times. Moreover, a database administration consulting firm should have a team of DBA’s who are certified, well trained and professionals who have the time and the passion for Database administration.

The DBA consultants should also stay updated on the paraphernalia of updates, upgrades and firewall changes on the system, not to mention the probable anomalies that may be encountered when other computer systems or software are either added or upgraded.

What are the Characteristics of a good DBA?

  • Must be attentive to details

A remote DBA administrator is often expected to perform and deliver on complex administrative tasks that normally require multiple steps to be followed. As such, a good DBA must be attentive to every single detail and leave nothing to chance.

  • Must be self-confident

To be ranked as one of the best DBA, you should have excellent communication skills, be able to communicate freely and eloquently and above all be assertive even when handling high pressure circumstances. Therefore, be a DBA who asserts himself or herself politely but firmly even when your peers challenge your opinions or ideas.

  • Must be a quick but good decision maker

As a DBA administrator, you should be able to make quick decisions based on the pros and cons of a situation. However, even when the decisions need to made hastily, the DBA consultant or administrator should always look at the bigger picture of all tasks carried out.

  • Must be approachable

Whenever the organization has technical issues relating to the database system, the only person they can turn to is the DBA. Therefore, a good DBA should always be amicable with people within the organizations and always be willing to provide support, guidance and assistance whenever necessary.


Aaron Watts is one of the best DBA consultants around the globe. He is also a freelance blogger with ample experience as a DBA consultant. For more information about DBA consulting, visit his blog here.

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