Published On: Fri, Oct 19th, 2018

Gucci Retro Sneakers Kicking Around on Famous Feet

Retro is back in fashion among celebrity trendsetters and savvy dressers everywhere, and the fabulously ontrend Gucci designers led the charge with fun accessory sneakers that throw it back to the days of disco. For instance,  Taylor Swift has been snapped in all things Gucci, including the Gucci Ace sneakers, also available on sites selling cheap Gucci sneakers for those on a more down-to-earth budget.

photo Jon Sullivan

Patches are Back In Too

The retro Gucci line has graced the feet of Jennifer Lopez, who combines the sexy Mom look with funky class in Gucci Ace sneakers with interchangeable patches. There are 10 unique patches that attach to the top of the Gucci Ace sneakers sporting everything from hot lips to pineapples. 

Good news for Gucci lovers like Jennifer Lopez who don’t want to buy multiple pairs of sneakers with their favorite patches on them. Now Gucci lovers can buy one pair of sneakers with multiple patches to fit their personal style.

The fashion house’s popular website states that the 70s channeling Ace sneaker has been reinvented with the removable patches, “allowing for multiple combinations for a personalized design.”

Fashionistas on a budget can get cheap Gucci sneakers at a fraction of the price to emulate the rich and famous of Hollywood.

Gucci T’s on Celeb Teases

Kevin Hart and other celebs sport iconic Gucci T’s proudly with no fear of watering down their own branding. The clean lines and ritzy font of the Gucci label are visually appealing and in tune with the kind of upscale casual look celebrities crave for downtime glam they can relax in.

Why Retro Keeps Coming Back

Retro” as a style is naturally redefined as time passes, making it an eternal last hoorah (or last, last hoorah) for whatever decade is being rediscovered. It’s not a nod to tradition so much as a reinvention of past trends for the latest generations to take ownership of them.

Rather than a lazy fashion ploy, retro-ism often serves as an inspirational springboard for a cool, sophisticated or ironic takes on fashion yays and nays for past decades. Currently, the in retro fashions concentrate in the 70s, but anything from the 1930s to the 1980s is fair game. Under the best circumstances, designers are able to correct and improve upon trends gone wild, such as the scaled down version of padded shoulders (from the 1980s) that briefly came back in style this fall, in a much classier version.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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