Published On: Mon, Apr 25th, 2016

‘Gotham’ season 2 first look at Hugo Strange’s resurrected Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish

‘Gotham’ season 2 spoilers: First look at Jada Pinkett Smith’s return

Fans learned back in February that Jada Pinkett Smith would return as Fish Mooney during season 2 of Gotham and now fans get their first look at the “resurrected” version, thanks to the corrupt mind of Dr. Hugo Strange (B.D. Wong.) Check out the photos below.

The Monday, May 16 episode entitled “Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles” will be the big return. Take a look at the attached synopsis:

“Hugo Strange welcomes a familiar face to GOTHAM after he resurrects Fish Mooney in Indian Hill. Later, Bruce discovers a friend is in danger and teams up with Gordon, Alfred and Lucius, while uncovering more of Strange’s experiments.”

Strange has the ability to revive people thanks to what he is doing with Theo Galavan a.k.a. Azrael; now, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see him do the same exact thing with Fish.

Full details update below via Gotham Wiki.


fish-mooney-gotham-return during season 2 Jada Pinkett Smith Jada-Pinkett-Smith-Gotham-Fish-Mooney Gotham season 2

Mooney, Indian Hill patient 13, was later revived and infused with cuttlefish DNA by Strange. Mooney seemingly had all of her memories intact, prompting Strange to deliver this news to the Court when they contacted him asking about his progress reanimating the dead. They then ordered him to move everything to a facility upstate and destroy Indian Hill. When served her food by an orderly, Mooney grabbed him and demanded that the orderly bring her a grilled cheese sandwich. As she made physical contact with him, she somehow influenced him into doing as she asked with a mysterious new power, seemingly unbeknownst to either of them. When he does, Mooney was surprised at how the orderly obeyed her.

After this, Mooney fully turns her attention towards escaping from the facility. To this end, she commandeers a bus containing several unknown Indian Hill inmates (Jerome Valeska is heavily implied to be among them) and escapes. The bus is later derailed in the street by Butch and Oswald. Fish surprises Oswald, who is mortified at the revelation than Mooney is alive. Fish renders Oswald unconscious, and Butch retreats with their men at the sight of her. She then moves off from the scene, leaving a homeless woman to unwittingly unleash the monstrosities the bus contains onto the world.

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