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I do not enjoy shopping at all, says no woman ever! It’s a girl thing which many would say is innate, and I must confess I agree being a woman myself. Retail Therapy is said to be every woman’s best destressing activity. Easy as it may seem, shopping entails a lot of analysis too. Examining the product’s quality, the brand credibility, materials and most of all price.

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Price is always the make or break point in shopping for tape in extensions just like any other product in the market. You’ll find tons of tape extension brands online with price tags you wouldn’t dare to look  at and some are simply friendly to your bank account. But our notion of high and low prices is that it is proportion to its quality. If the tape extensions are high-priced, we assume that it’s Russian hair, impressive texture,simply best quality. And if it’s the latter, we immediately conclude that it could be substandard. This is a shopping ideology is not true at all.

Tape hair extensions are now being offered by numerous companies in Australia and worldwide offering us a wide array of options from luscious colours, irresistible volume choices, lengths and a whole lot more. We all know that scoring a top quality, 100% human hair extension but economical can be quite a challenge.

You can find a lot of cheap human hair extension online, but how to know if you’re shopping with the right company? Here are four (4) factors to consider on how to shop for the best tape extensions that are inexpensively gorgeous:


  • REVIEWS. This probably is always your first step when researching for the best human hair tape extension brands aside from your bestfriend’s referral. Checking out reviews of every brand in your area can make your brand searching less stressful as feedback are being provided by actual buyers or clients who’ve tried their products. Go for websites that share unbiased feedback of all barnds, and see which brand majority of the customers recommend.
  • QUALITY. You will see tons of stores, particularly online, claiming that they offer 100% human hair extensions. But this is when you should really be cautious. Sadly, even the most popular brands do not really leave up to this promise. They may seem to be offering pure human hair tapes, but they are actually synthetically-mixed or containing some synthetic hair as fillers. You wouldn’t want to be paying for something that doesn’t meet your expectations right? Go for tape in extensions that are made of high grade Remy human hair. This will surely last longer than synthetic ones and you can easily style them the way you want it.
  • GUARANTEE. The confidence of a store in providing product guarantee comes in the quality of their products. All shops offer Money Back Guarantee and other policies to help give their customers a chance to claim for refund or replacement in case they are not truly satisfied with the hair extension. Usually such guarantee or policies may only be valid upto 30 days from the time that the customer paid for the merchandise. Let’s factor in preparation period, dispatch to delivery (which may vary based on where the item is being shipped to), 30 days doesn’t really give you much time to request for refund or replacement in case the item gets damaged in transit or you’re simply not satisfied with the product, right? Check-out for stores or brands that offer money back guarantee that goes beyond the standard 30 days.
  • PRICE. The most important thing that makes or breaks a sale is the price. When we shop for hair extensions, we always ask, “How much is it going to cost me for a set?” or do you have anything that’s within my budget? We all are to keen in avoiding extensions that are pricey and also avoid those that are way too low-priced as it may define low quality. But that’s not always the case. You can get cheap yet quality tape extensions online and simply fall in love with how smooth and thick the hair is without spending a fortune for a set. Reading real reviews from actual customers will absolutely help you in your store hunting, trust me.

Getting that dream gorgeous hair doesn’t always have to be expensive. Choosing the right store to shop for your tape extensions will always do the trick. Of course a little help from reading reviews, getting referrals and thorough examination of product quality will absolutely help you end up with the best quality extensions, look absolutely stunning without breaking the bank.

Author: Ravi Shankar

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    Thank you for this wonderful information. I’m planning buy a hair extensions because my hair not that great at this time.

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