Published On: Thu, Apr 21st, 2016

GOP delegate analysis with Alex Snitker after Donald Trump wins New York

Listening to the Trump surrogates, Donald Trump’s win in New York locks up the GOP nomination, but Brandon Jones and Alex Snitker don’t exactly agree with Steve Moore, Laura Ingraham and others. Snitker joined Dispatch Radio on Wednesday to discuss the fallout from Trump’s big win in New York, what lies ahead for the Republicans and how the delegate race will great chaos for the party.

Trump’s big win was indeed impressive, Snitker “better than people would give him credit for” noting the predictions that had Trump losing a few delegates due the district process. “Kasich is ensuring Trump’s victory by staying in the race,” he added and then targeting the facade of the GOP coming together: “Those people are hypocrites if they don’t get what they want. If they don’t get their people, then they will ruin it for anybody else.”

Alex Snitker

Alex Snitker

Check out the full audio below.

Michael Steele propped up Kasich’s run and the establishment’s move to nominate a different candidate would send shockwaves as they would disenfranchise both the Trump and Cruz voters. “They look down their nose at everybody that’s not them,” Snitker reminds. “…If you’re not in their club, then they don’t view you as the same kind of human as the rest of them…They just happened to be more advanced, a little more high-minded…” he says, including the Democrats in his criticism, saying “this high-mindedness” is killing both parties.

Trump will find continued success on the liberal-leaning states next week and the 17 unbound delegates in Pennsylvania. Snitker addresses how the narrative may shift and change ahead of momentum swinging back to Ted Cruz.

“Yes, it can change the conversation, but we are dealing in uncharted territory,” he explains, pointing how momentum and patterns from previous elections don’t seem to apply in 2016. “…that would have already happened…It’s hard to gauge exactly what’s going to happen” but the clock is ticking for the ugliness of the GOP picking someone other than Trump.

The conversation closes out with more specific talks about the delegate math and the system will meltdown if Trump is not the candidate. “There’s no peaceful way…it’ll be a tire fire,” Snitker says.

Listen to Brandon and Alex discuss the Democrats and the impact of Bernie Sanders in this video

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