Published On: Wed, Apr 10th, 2013

Glenn Beck’s Libertarian epiphany?

As of recent, radio host, former Fox and CNN host and the man behind The Blaze, Glenn Beck has been touting his fairly new found political philosophy, libertarianism. However, not all libertarians are buying it.

John Stossel and Glenn Beck Image/Video Screen Shot

John Stossel and Glenn Beck
Image/Video Screen Shot

Some believe it’s a farce, some say he’s not “pure” enough, some say he’s capitalizing on the mood of the country and some say that can’t support him until he apologizes to Ron Paul for various slams and jabs he took at the Texas Congressman over the years.

Well, Mr. Beck took his case to who is likely the only real libertarian on television news (who has his own show), John Stossel.

Stossel prefaces his questions for Beck with an interesting point. If Beck is truly a libertarian, thats a good thing because of the audience he commands, millions who listen to his radio program daily. This is an important point since someone like Beck could definitely 0pen up the ideas of free markets, civil liberties and a non-interventionist foreign policy to so many people who may not “get” this philosophy.

However, if you have listened to Glenn Beck over the past several years, at to me it was clear that he didn’t know where he stood. He was all over the map.

One day he sounded like the biggest warmongering neocon, next day he would sound like he was sounding the trumpet for free markets and so on. Was this a man just trying to find himself? An avid reader, he certainly taught himself a lot of important stuff, which showed on his TV shows. Is it just part of the Glenn Beck learning curve?

Stossel points out some of the anti-libertarian stances Beck has taken over the years: The support of TARP, Patriot Act, warrantless wiretaps and he once called theocrat Rick Santorum the “George Washington” of his day. Ugh.

Beck actually sounded quite sincere in his responses to Stossel–He said he only supported TARP for 2 days (of course, he never should have supported one nickel for one second), “The Patriot Act I was for, I was stupid”, he replies.( good answer).

One of his most intriguing replies that stuck with me was to his former support on warrantless wiretaps. Beck says, “Absolutely wrong on it, again, I was caught up in the whole “war thing”, completely foolish to trust the government”.

I appreciated that answer.

His reply to Santorum was horrible and you have to listen for yourself.

Beck appears to be coming around on drug policy, he at least acknowledges that the drug war is a failure.

Beck talks about “minding your own business’; however, vices like gambling and prostitution still appear to be sticking points with him. I get that, those can be difficult topics, especially for people of faith get a grasp on.

Should Glenn Beck be totally shunned? Must he be a purist? Would or could he be a significant player in the liberty movement?

Watch the video. What do you think?







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  1. The Chris Christie Scandal Isn’t Really About Chris Christie | Dude, Where's My Freedom? says:

    […] not at all surprising to see these questions ignored by CNN.  But for someone who calls himself a libertarian (sometimes), it’s a little jarring that the issue is never even broached.  I don’t mean to […]

  2. Sarah Jane Smith says:

    Frankly, I’ve always thought that Glenn was in it for the money. Like a broken clock, he says great things twice a day. But every time I’m subjected to him, he still sounds like a horrid neocon. I really think he pays lip service to libertarians for dollars.

  3. government in your bedroom says:

    Glenn Beck does not believe in personal freedom. He wants the government in your bedroom, and in all personal affairs. He wants the government to control what two sexual consenting adults do in private. Since he is so against adult consensual prostitution proves this. He hates the idea of adult consensual prostitution in private. He seems to hate any thing having to do with sex.

  4. rob says:

    Thanks for the article. For info on people using voluntary Libertarian tools on similar and other issues worldwide, please see the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization @ http://www.Libertarian-International.org ….

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