Glenn Beck: President Obama has hurt the press more than any president in a century

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck has been no friend of Donald Trump and now the conservative appears to be a louder and louder lone voice of truth in the media. Opening today’s show with an examination of Jay Rosen’s Press Think article against Donald Trump, Beck points out the tone from the media before Trump EVEN STEPS INTO THE WHITE HOUSE.

“For a free press as a check on power this is the darkest time in American history since World War I, when there was massive censorship and suppression of dissent. I say this because so many things are happening at once to disarm and disable serious journalism, or to push it out of the frame,” Beck reads before stating the obvious: “He’s not even President yet.”

Rosen’s article points to the newspapers going broke, money flooding to online advertising and the “broken and outdated model in political journalism” but it’s Glenn Beck who links President Obama’s oppression of free speech to Woodrow Wilson and the progressive movement, calling for consistency.

Glenn Beck: The press “has turned into ME!” Image/Video Screen Shot

“This President, Barack Obama has done more against the press than ANY other President beside Woodrow Wilson,” Beck states.

Unlike Rosen, who is pre-occupied with a myopic view of the political landscape, Beck isn’t pointing to the alt-right, Stephen Bannon or online trolls as the “trend”: “Is there no one in the press who cares about the first amendment? Is there no one who sees the handwriting on the wall?” Beck rhetorically asks, recounting the liberal bias of the mainstream media giving “your guy” (Obama) a pass.

Just as Donald Trump seems incapable of stepping away from Twitter, Rosen can’t even embrace the TRUTH in his own article.

“…the gatekeepers have lost all credibility in the minds of consumers, I don’t see how you reverse it,” John Ziegler, a conservative radio host is quoted as saying the post.

In fact, it’s so bad that Glenn Beck is the voice of reason.

Dan Rather birthed “fake news” during the Bush administration on new levels only matched by the military escapades of Brian Williams and the unbiased Donna Brazile in her debate prep.

In contrast to Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, it’s Beck who spends the latter portion of his show railing against the $9.7 trillion spending increase out of Congress.

It’s Beck who is covering President Obama’s expansion of the NSA’s authority with “triple three” just in time for President Trump. Where is the New York Times on questioning the President?

“The left doesn’t understand: I haven’t moved. They have. They’re now turning into…ME,” Beck said.

Beck then reflected on his examination of President Obama, the links to The Tides Foundation, George Soros, ACORN and others over “two years” and “for that I was mocked and ridiculed.”

“How does that make you feel mainstream media?” Beck asks, before claiming that he agrees with the tactics, the open discussion and the examination of connections, but with BOTH SIDES.

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