Published On: Tue, Nov 13th, 2012

Glenn Beck dupes Alex Jones, Infowars, over Agenda 21 ads VIDEOS

Glenn Beck responded to complaints and allegations from critics, listeners over Agenda 21 ads running on his website and TV channel. (see ads below)

“I’ve got four pages– these are just the easy complaints. We have people who are cancelling,” Beck said.

“Let’s use logic,” Beck explained. “Agenda 21, a plan for sustainable development, something that Glenn Beck got a lot of heat on for bringing it up on Fox News, something that the 9/12 project in California is being credited for reversing a lot of Agenda 21. And then ads that you haven’t seen any place else, and really spooky ads that you haven’t seen any place else. Why would they be running on my network?”

The original attack by Alex Jones and Infowars (http://www.infowars.com/glenn-becks-blaze-tv-on-dish-network-runs-agenda-21-ad/) has been removed.

From Infowars:

People couldn’t believe Beck would allow the United Nations to run propaganda on his network. After all, he’s a patriot, right?

Infowars.com has exposed Beck as a globalist operative assigned to undermine and neutralize the liberty movement. “Glenn Beck specializes in disinformation ops designed to trick his ‘conservative’ followers and lead them into dead-ends and cul-de-sacs that ultimately neutralize the political opposition,” we wrote in June.

Allowing ads calling for population reduction and eugenics on his network is just more evidence that Glenn Beck is no friend to patriots.

Oops…see below!!!

 Here’s another person who bought into the marketing campaign by Beck (see more below)

 “…have been warning people for quite some time that Glenn Beck is not the conservative many think, in fact he is a tool of the establishment to mislead the tea party movement away from real solutions.  Here’s proof; Beck TV accepts advertizing from the socialist Agenda 21 plan to implement communism through the confiscation of property rights.  He calls for honor, honor – I say dishonor, dishonor.”

From the Cover image it appears like this book is a Fictional Thriller and written in conjunction with Harriet Parke and will be released by Mercury Ink on November 20, 2012.

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  1. Danasan says:

    MormonIzm requires that Beck must beleave in alians and a modified gospel of the holy word of God. He is bound by the god head of the temple in Utah to stop attacking his brother Harry Reed.
    He is now under a new demonic influence much more dangerous than his resent bought with drugs and alcohol. I’m not throwing stones just the facts my sins are probably worse. This I will say as opinion only pray for Jones and Beck. Please let’s get back to what’s real pray for all the true patriates of America.

  2. Alex Jones Responds to ‘Despicable’ Glenn Beck, Has Another Screaming Fit on HuffPost Live: ‘You’re in Danger!’ | 168ops.org says:

    […] the record, it was Jones’ Infowars.com that “exposed” Beck as a “globalist operative” who specialized in “disinformation” […]

  3. Alex Jones Responds to ‘Despicable’ Glenn Beck, Has Another Screaming Fit on HuffPost Live: ‘You’re in Danger!’ | says:

    […] the record, it was Jones’ Infowars.com that “exposed” Beck as a “globalist operative” who specialized in “disinformation” […]

  4. Mike says:

    Lol, so Beck runs Agenda 21 commercials with no indication that they are fake, and then says “haha, i got you! what an idiot you are!!” when someone thinks the ads are real?? Is he 10?

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