Published On: Wed, Feb 22nd, 2017

Getting Your Life Back: How to Stop a Stalker in Their Tracks Fast

It is a worrying statistic that about 7.5 million people across the country are stalked every year so you would definitely not be alone if you were unfortunate enough to suffer such an unpleasant and worrying experience.

Stalking often includes a diverse set of behaviors from unwanted calls to being followed around. The main task is to put a stop to these actions as quickly as possible and reclaim your life.

Here is a look at how to spot some of the classic signs of stalking at an early stage. Plus an overview of some tactics to get rid of them and practical tips on how to stop their actions.

Signs of stalking

It may start off with a seemingly innocent chance encounter with a complete stranger or you might be stalked by someone who is known to you in some way.

It can sometimes feel at first that you are either imagining that their unwanted attention is nothing more than someone trying to get to know you better, but you soon realize that their presence in your usual places to hangout, is no accident.

There is no disputing that you are being stalked when you start to get unwanted repeated phone calls to your home and work, or you get a regular stream of gifts, cards and social media posts all trying to get your attention.

The methods of stalking can be varied but the effect is often the same on the victim, which is why you need to work out how to get rid of them and the problem as quickly as possible.

photo David Peña via pixabay

Do not engage with them

If there is a classic profile for a stalker, it is that their behavior is designed to try and get your attention and make contact with you.

If you are getting unwanted calls to your mobile from a stalker, one of the best tactics is to download the Automatic Call Recorder for Me app, so that you have a permanent record of the call.

Telling them that you are recording their calls can also have the effect of dissuading them from persisting with this tactic. Don’t get involved in anything more than a warning to them that their calls are not welcome.

The key to getting rid of a stalker is often to avoid engaging with them in any way

Keep good company

If you become a victim of a stalker one of your top priorities during this difficult period is to take steps to avoid being alone at all costs.

When you are alone and isolated from the company of others you love and trust, your solitude creates an element of vulnerability that can give some stalkers the encouragement to step up their levels of harassment and contact.

Do what you can to avoid giving a stalker the opportunity to confront you alone.

A stalker will feel intimidated when you are in a group of friends and if they find you inaccessible most of the time, this increases the chances of them deciding to cease their activities.

Safety in numbers and avoiding any periods of solitude is one of the most practical solutions for getting rid of a stalker.

Other tips to consider include making sure all of your pictures and messages are private on social media sites, and tell family and friends about your stalking problem so that they can look out for you and help you with their support.

Guest Author :

Eliza Williams writes about a range of personal safety topics and the laws on what you, and the other person, can and can’t do. Her articles appear on a wide range of sites.

photo Frerieke from The Hague, The Netherlands via wikimedia commons

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