Published On: Tue, Jan 8th, 2019

Getting Your Brand Out There

Promoting your brand is no easy feat. There’s the traditional way, which is mostly using paid ads. Or you can try using influencers. Brand activation for students, for example, is something that specialises in utilising a network and a brand-new formula for promoting brands and getting the name stuck in the heads of young adults.

So what are influencers? They’re basically the people most people look up to. They’re the ones with great charisma and are figureheads in their communities. We’ve seen how capable these people are throughout time and with events concerning the most significant milestones of their time. They can be campus leaders, YouTubers, and up-and-coming celebrities that feel closer to the ordinary folks.

photo/ mohamed Hassan

Why should you consider using an influencer instead of the traditional means of advertising? Here are just some of the reasons:

They’re relatively cheaper than the conventional ads

Unlike full-blown ads, influencers can be hired reasonably cheap, and the way they use to spread the word is usually more effective than conventional ads. This is why some companies use them as the initial part of their advertising campaigns. To get your word out there, you need people to spread the word about you; people who others listen to. Influencers do this by talking to their communities.

They work quite well, especially with the younger generation

Influencers are mostly young people, so they can communicate with a younger audience more effectively, or at least people of their age. If your product or brand is not for kids, then you’ll need to look for older influencers, with a more mature audience, such as college students or young adults.

They have a very wide audience in terms of age

An influencer’s audience can comprise people that can be older or younger than the influencer himself or herself. This is because influencers are usually charismatic community leaders, and as such, they are respected in their respective communities. And people, despite their age, will listen to people who are charismatic enough.

Influencers get it

Since they’re mostly everyday people, influencers can get along pretty well with everyone. Their charisma also helps them attract a wider audience. They can understand what your brand is and can understand their audience making them pretty useful in bridging the gap between you and the people you’re trying to get as your customers. You’ll want this gap to be bridged because the younger generation today is the one that will grow up into the people with purchasing power to buy your goods and services.

Influencers are quite valuable people who can help you in running ad campaigns. They are the ones who will actively promote your brand daily in their communities. So if you’re trying to get your brand out there on the streets, you should try having a few influencers do it for you, and see for yourself just how viral your brand can be.

Author: Jayce Redford

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