Published On: Thu, May 31st, 2018

Getting the Best: Your Personal Injuries Deserve the Best Representation and Compensation

Even though you’re eager to see the responsible party brought to justice and receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain, and suffering, rushing to the first personal injury lawyer you come across is a recipe for disaster. If only there was a way to tell them apart based on the service quality and professionalism you can expect from them, right? Luckily for you, there is!

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In order to choose the best legal representation out there, look for the following things:

  1. Reputation

Verifying the reputation of a lawyer you’re interested in cooperating with is easy; thanks to social media and customer review portals, digging up unbiased reviews and ratings is much simpler than ever before. Unprofessional and under-performing attorneys are quickly identified and pushed towards the bottom of the search results.

  1. Mileage

More often than not, the best legal representation for your personal injury case is the one with plenty of years in the business. This translates to lots of experience and a high ratio of cases won. Do not be mistaken; there is fierce competition between lawyers. Would you dare take the risk of working with someone with an inadequate level of experience?

  1. Structured work process

No personal injury lawyer who’s worth their salt will ever approach things in a chaotic manner. Collecting evidence, interrogating witnesses, following deadlines and filing properly are things that require a systematized approach, discipline, and diligence. If you can’t shake off the feeling that the lawyer you’re thinking about hiring is disorganized in any way, take it as a warning sign.

  1. How you’re being treated

Your gut feeling is a good indicator of how reliable a certain person is. Ask yourself how you’re being treated. Is it with kindness or respect or do you sense a condescending attitude? Also, unless the lawyer has a busy schedule or has to attend a meeting soon, you should not feel rushed. After all, the lawyer requires as many details about your situation as possible in order to maximize the chances of prevailing in court.

  1. Suitable fee structure

Most personal injury lawyers won’t charge you by the hour. Instead, you can expect them to take roughly one third of the winnings after the case is won (this is referred to as working on a contingent fee basis). This is what you should be looking for, because the said fee structure is designed to motivate them to give it their best effort. In other words, either you both win, or you both lose. Comparing this to the lawyers who charge an hourly rate, this is usually a much better deal, since there are no upfront costs you need to worry about.


Personal injuries are stressful. On one hand, you need to take some time for yourself to heal up and get back on your feet, while on the other, you need to fight for your right to receive the compensation you’re entitled to. Choosing the best possible personal injury lawyer will let you focus on your own needs while the lawyer you’ve chosen to work with takes care of the legal matters for you. But no matter what you do, never enter the legal battle without one, for you stand to lose more than there is to gain.

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