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Get Legally Separated Before Divorce

Usually getting a divorce is decided mutually. But still, there are some incidents in which both parties do not consent to separate. When both of the people do not get in proper agreement, this can begin some serious discussions which concern property division, child custody, and support decisions. When you are going to have divorced, first you should consider an option called Legal Separation. It would determine you that are you both comfortable living without each other?

Another Option as Legal Separation:

A couple should not always go right to divorce. A legal separation is an option you can go for without any obstacle, which you can face for divorce. It would also let them know that are they really ready for divorce.

California is not a fault state. In California, legal separation and divorce, both need a similar declaration of grounds for divorce. Both the two options for grounds are incompatibly different and it is incurable insanity to your spouse.

For filing your divorce you have to live in California for six months as obligatory. But there is no such residency rule for legal separation. After filing your divorce you have to wait more six months for finalizing your divorce. But you do not have to wait for legal separation. A time you file legal separation and it gets done. You both are legally separated.

But as a part of legal separation, you have to draft an agreement. It would be advantageous for you to decide further for divorcing.

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Inclusions of Legal Separation Agreement:

An edict of legal separation is similar to the edict of divorce. It includes any alimony or child support and any custody issue, visitation and property distribution. The conditions of both get bound.

But keep in mind that legal separation will not end your marriage. You will not be able to marry someone else being in a legal separation agreement.

Why Choose Legal Separation?

Usually, when couples draft an agreement for legal separation it gives them a chance to sit down calmly and discuss the issues going on between them. Legal insurance let both of the people to be on the same health insurance. This would be much beneficial for both of them.

Those couples who do not have the desire to get married again, the legal separation is the best considerable option for them. But always divorce is not an option to opt. being in California, there is one other benefit, you can fasten the process of divorce by filing for legal separation as an initial step.

Move Further for Divorce:

After legal separation you finally decide to go for divorce, the law of California let you convert your legal separation to a divorce. This can easily occur after your separation gets finalized or at any point being in legal procedure. Additional paperwork is required, when the spouse gets able to request for converting separation to divorce.

Another method for getting a divorce without having a residency of six months in California (as its must) you can file for legal separation on immediate means. The six months required a waiting period for divorce edict will begin as you get indulged in the process of legal separation. When it gets expired you can conveniently convert your matter to divorce.

If you got a feeling that your marriage can be saved and you do not want to go for divorce. In this case, begin to work with a family law attorney. You will really want to take proper actions for saving your property, credit, home, children and future rights for supporting settlements.

Never feel that calling an attorney for your issue means that you are giving up your marriage. Los Angeles divorce attorney is well-versed of all the matters concerning family law. They can let you know and understand the legal, emotional, and financial imputation of your divorce and other various issues that along with your issue.

Family Law:

Divorce acquires lots of aspects and all those aspects are required to get fulfilled. This type of lawsuits comes under the subject of Family Law. Below mentioned aspects of divorce are covered by family law.

Child Custody:

Child custody is a legal and practical relationship between parents and child. It involves the duty to care and support for your child. The most crucial and essential matter to consider during divorce is child custody and visitation rights. It should get established in a completely proper manner.

There are two different types of child custody in the law of California, mentioned below:

Legal Custody:

There is a family code in the law of California which indicates that in joint: both parents acquire rights and responsibilities for taking essential decisions about the child’s health, welfare and education. Or in sole: one parent gets all the decision making responsibilities but still, the other parent may have the rights of visiting.

It’s the court supposition in most of the divorce cases that the child should continually be in contact with both the parents. But if the parents do not agree on parenting plan so it’s up to the court to order how to manage and share time with their children. Parents with legal custody are responsible for taking basic essential decisions about their children’s study, residence, religious activities, mental health requirements, medical needs, travel, and all other extracurricular activities.

Physical Custody:

Physical custody under California law can also be joint and sole. In joint, the child will live with both of the parents. And in the sole, the child will only live with one parent mostly but can have regular visits with another parent.

The law of California is in favor of joint legal and physical custody when both parents get agree to it. But if both do not agree, the court will order itself the parenting plan which would be the best interest of children.  

Child custody is a sensitive and crucial matter. It could become the point of disagreement between couples who are not able to agree on a joint plan of parenting their children. You can get assistance with a divorce attorney. They acquire all essential information regarding these crucial matters. So, you can get perfect suggestions from them.

Alimony or Spousal Support:

Alimony is also called spousal support. It is an individual’s legal obligation for giving financial support to the prior spouse after divorce. Usually, in California, one person in a couple earns more than the other and being in marriage both share their income to fulfill household requirements. It indicates that the one who earns less will really suffer a lot after getting divorced.

Alimony is continued, periodic payments get drafted from one spouse to another under legal separation or divorce order declared by the court. Spousal support is for helping the one with lower income to continue enjoying the same standard lifestyle after he or she get divorced. In Los Angeles, the court orders the one who earns more to pay alimony to the other spouse.

There are two types of spousal support in California mentioned below:

Temporary Spousal Support:

It gets sets at your beginning hearing and paid until a complete and proper agreement gets settled. Or until the finalized order of divorced is reached.

Permanent Spousal Support:

It should be paid for an unknown period of time in an amount which can get adjusted later if the financial situations of the partner get changed.

Child Support:

Child support is continued, periodic payment fulfilled by a parent for support child financially which get lead till the end of a marriage. The ruling of child support is a quite important and sensitive matter for the parents getting divorced in Los Angeles. The amount of child support who owned by one partner to the other depends on following mentioned factors;

  • Amount of money the parents earn or can earn;
  • Number of children parents have;
  • The maximum amount of time parents can spend with children;
  • Expenses of health insurance;
  • Status of tax filling of each parent;
  • Support of children from other relations;
  • Mandatory retirement contribution;
  • Mandatory union dues;
  • Cost of sharing daycare and uninsured healthcare costs.

Property Division:

California is a state of community property. It clearly indicates that all property, assets and owes, owned by a couple in marriage will be considered as legal community property. It should get divided into both people in divorce in equal manners. Some of the high assets for worth in divorce include:

  • Stock options
  • Corporate business assets
  • Business valuations
  • Inheritances
  • Professional practices
  • Investment portfolios
  • Residential and commercial real estates

Divorces in Los Angeles acquire tough property division rules. It is because of significant assets, professional licenses, business ownership and other different complicated matters of finance are usually high profile matters.  

Legal matters concerning the issues of families sometimes become very crucial but important to get solved in a proper manner. You should definitely choose the best divorce attorney for these types of matters. They are professional and experienced, will let you know proper and accurate suggestions.

Author: Michael Wright

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