Published On: Fri, Jul 29th, 2016

German police raid mosques, home, arrest teen terrorist suspect as Angela Merkel repeats ‘We Can Do It’

A German police force went from mosque to mosque and home to home with at least 400 officers performing raids in the “hotbed” areas to root out Islamic terrorists and near Stuttgart arrested a 15-year-old who they believe was planning a mass shooting. German Chancellor Angela Merkel interrupted her vacation on Thursday to hold a news conference in Berlin, repeating her “We can do it” slogan from last August, while addressing the migrant crisis and more people from the Middle East seek asylum daily.

“For me it is clear: we will stick to our fundamental principles,” Merkel said, quoting the guarantee that “human dignity shall be inviolable” in Germany’s constitution. “These principles mean we will give asylum to those who are politically persecuted and we will give protection to those who flee war and expulsion according to the Geneva Refugee Convention.”

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The was Merkel’s first address since a suicide bombing in southern Germany on Sunday that capped a week of violence. The bombing in the town of Ansbach, which injured 15, and an ax attack earlier last week that injured five, were both carried out by “asylum” seekers who are aligned with Islamic State.

“The German-speaking Islamic circle (DIK) in Hildesheim is a nationwide hot-spot of the radical Salafist scene that Lower Saxony security authorities have been monitoring for a long time,” Lower Saxony Interior Minister Boris Pistorius said to Reuters, explaining and justifying the raids on religious sects.

He said he wants to ban the DIK, which he blames for radicalizing German Muslims and influencing some to want to travel to the Middle East to join Islamic State. He also said the radical Islamists were guilty of giving speeches calling for “hate against non-believers.”

“We will not put up with Salafist associations and their backers flouting our rules and bringing our rule of law into question and convincing young people that they want to join the so-called IS,” Pistorius said.

Merkel said she understood Germans’ fears and promised an array of measures, including speedier deportations for people who aren’t granted asylum, more equipment and personnel for security agencies, and stepped-up efforts to detect Islamist radicals during the asylum application process. She also called on Muslim community leaders to more clearly reject terrorism.

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“Fear cannot be the guide for political action,” Merkel said. “We cannot and need not allow our way of life to be broken by such people who have no goal but to scare us and to destroy our cohesion.”

“Even now after the gruesome attacks, when it should be clear for everyone that open borders bring us the greatest terror risk, Merkel is sticking to her failed course,” Alternative for Germany Deputy Chairman Alexander Gauland said. “‘We can do it’ must sound like mockery to the many victims of the numerous attacks.”

The teen arrested is linked to Ali David Sonboly, who killed nine people during a shooting spree in Munich on July 22. Police said they found “a large number of small-caliber weapons, several knives and daggers” in the 15-year-old’s possession.

On Sunday, a 27-year-old Syrian refugee who was facing deportation to Bulgaria blew himself up after being refused access to a music festival. The explosion injured 15 passersby, but did not cause any deaths.

Also on Sunday, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested after killing a pregnant woman and wounding two people with a machete in the city of Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.

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