Published On: Sun, Aug 16th, 2015

Geraldo Rivera explains a ‘good abortion,’ supports organ harvesting to ‘find a cure’

During a discussion on The Five about the Planned Parenthood videos, famous talk show host Geraldo Rivera made shocking claims about abortions, what is a “good abortion” and defended the use of fetal tissue to cure diseases. Co-host Greg Gutfeld shot back to his claim that he “want[s] a cure” by informing him that he “hope[s] you live long on the backs of dead fetuses.”

By turning the conversation away from Planned Parenthood and onto abortion, Rivera said it’s not a “life-altering experience” and explained what a good abortion really is…transcript via Newsbusters.

pro-life poster

pro-life poster

GERALDO RIVERA: … Planned Parenthood is bad because you’re against abortion. You said it was a life-altering – you said it was a life-altering experience.

ERIC BOLLING: Do not do this again today. It’s a life-altering experience.

RIVERA: It’s not a life-altering experience.(….) You know what a good abortion is? A good abortion is in a clean place where the woman’s health is protected as opposed to a back alley – as opposed to a back alley where the woman dies where some butcher cutting her to pieces. Why do you think we’ve got Roe v. Wade and the rest of this?

On using the fetal tissue to “better humanity” argument, Geraldo begins with dog food.

RIVERA: What if I want to make it dog food?

GUTFELD: You just proved my point. If you want to make it dog food, what’s the difference? You are repurposing the unborn child to enhance your present living desires and that you do not have the choice for and in terms of bringing up rape and incest, when did I say I was against abortion for that? You’re using that as a strawman argument.

RIVERA: Why is that any less hideous to you? Why? It’s still the same. You’re taking away a life. Why is that mean less to you?

GUTFELD: Oh, so let me get this straight. Because you don’t want the fetus to go to waste, right?

RIVERA: I want a cure for cancer. I want a cure for heart disease and Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.

GUTFELD: God bless you. I hope you live long on the back of dead fetuses, Geraldo.

RIVERA: Oh, please.

GUTFELD: No, I’m using your argument. I’m validating your argument. You want to live longer on the back of fetuses.

RIVERA: Why don’t you bury your head in the sand and ignore the reality of how medicine gets done, how research gets done.

Check out the full transcript and details from Newsbusters

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

Planned Parenthood supporters at protest 2011 photo/S. MiRK via wikimedia commons

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  1. Linda Johnson says:

    Gerald – We have tissue banks and should use them. Don’t depend on abortions, and take dead babies parts. Get yourself a donors card and keep it with you all the time. Gerald, get your whole family donor card too, that would help out.

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