Published On: Fri, Jul 15th, 2016

Georgia State professor Mia Bloom debates Buck Sexton on Islamic State, Muslim victims and terrorists

CNN  again host a raging debate between two guests, Georgia State professor Mia Bloom and former NSA analyist Buck Sexton, clashing over Sexton saying “they’re coming after us” in reaction to the terror attack in Nice.

Bloom remarked the horrific truck terrorist attack also increases the “degree of right-wing politics” and “Islamophobia” before going into an attack on Sexton.

“I do disagree with Mr. Sexton, because the fact is, and I’ll say this to you, Buck, directly, the vast majority of ISIS’ victims are Muslim,” Bloom said angrily. “Not us. Not the West.”

“I’m fully aware of that,” Sexton said. “No one disputes that.”

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the Nice terrorist

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the Nice terrorist

Bloom then took exception to Sexton earlier saying “they’re coming after us,” saying, “They’re not coming after us more than they’re coming after each other.”

“I was referring to the Islamic State, which very clearly through its external operations arm … along with al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula which until recently was considered the most virulent and deadly of the jihadist terrorist organizations for this kind of external plotting, they’re continuing to do this,” he said. “Of course they’re killing Muslims.”

Sexton compared the IS “handiwork” in places like Iraq and Afghanistan as CNN host Don Lemon cut in to point out killers being Muslim, Sexton said he was confused that Bloom was accusing him of saying Muslims didn’t make up the majority of the victims from these terrorists.

“Because you said they’re coming after us,” Bloom said. “They’re not just coming after us.“

“Yes, they are in fact coming after us!“ Sexton shouted. “Do you want me to sit here and talk to you about all the terrorist—”

“But they’re mostly going after each other,” she shot back.

“When I say us, I’m referring to America and Europe and the West and all peaceful Muslims and everyone around the world who doesn’t believe that strapping a suicide vest on because you’re disaffected, because you have some belief that somehow this will take you to a place of paradise and virgins, whatever the case may be, everybody who isn’t on that team is on my team,” Sexton said. “This notion you have in your head that when I say us, I’m referring to what? Republican Americans?”

“No, you’re saying us as Americans,” Bloom said.

The former CIA analyst said her implication was “preposterous,” saying that there was a “knee-jerk reaction” from leftists to center discussions around “bad rhetoric” from people trying to speak honestly about terrorism.

“We’re just trying to empower the moderates from within Muslim societies, we’re trying to empower our allies in countries that we do work with in the Muslim world and outside the Muslim world, to stop people from getting mowed down at a celebration of a national holiday. That’s it!” Sexton said.

Bloom bizarrely said again, “Which include other Muslims.”

“I’ve said that four or five times already,” Sexton said.

Bloom again jumped in that IS is mostly attacking Muslims and “they’re not coming after us more than they’re coming after each other.” Sexton said he knows that and tries to veer away from the theological discussion.

When Bloom again criticized him for the “coming after us” remark, Sexton cries, “Yes, they are! They are, in fact, coming after us!”

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