Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

George Ammar: Why Some People Live a Long and Healthy Life

Life is certainly continue to move more and more quickly as time has passed. One hundred years ago the average person could count on little excitement, and hope for steady work. People were tied to one job usually for their entire lives, and that job defined who they were and how they lived. They probably lived on a farm or in a small town all those cities were beginning to attract big numbers of the population. Most importantly, they stayed close to home, they ate a consistent diet that included unprocessed food, and walked a lot when they wanted to go someplace. At home, they’re always manual labor type things to do for every member of the family. On the weekend time was spent doing yard work or chores.

photo ijmaki via pixabay

If you contrast that life, with life today, it seems more like a thousand years than only one hundred. Today people generally live in small to large cities. They live in tall buildings. They commute to work via public transportation or they drive a short distance to the office. At the office they sit virtually the entire day, except for the lunch hour when they might leave to walk a short way for food or they may eat in the office. They lunch meals by the way probably consist of some portion of their food that is processed.  On weekends, unless there is a plan outing, people will sit at home and binge on Netflix films or watch sports from the couch.

This current lifestyle has caused a level of unhealthiness in the population that is creating a Health crisis. Too many people are living a sedentary lifestyle that includes poor diets and a lack of stress reducing activities.  The average person needs to follow the example of concerned and active citizens like George S. Ammar of Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

George Ammar has been proactive about his health. He understands the issues with living a healthy lifestyle first hand. George is a Certified Public Accountant in Cleveland Ohio, an average sized US city. His typical day entails I’m going to the office and spending his entire day there sitting behind his desk. During his lunch hour, George Ammar will either eat at the office, or go to a local restaurant.

George however makes sure that the meals he orders or brings from home contain the right mix of nutrients and they’re not loaded with saturated fats, unrefined sugars, and preservatives. He also make sure to not order overly large meals, knowing that he must go back to the office and sit for several hours. This creates the perfect situation for weight gain, so George eats light and the added benefit is that he is more alert after lunch at the office.

photo courtesy of Greenberg Health

Several days before after work and on weekends George exercises. He runs several miles because he loves the feeling that he gets while running and the sense of accomplishment when he completes his run. The wonderful thing about running is that it is also an amazing stress reducer. So George not only kids healthy exercise, he also reduce the stress he has picked up throughout his day as he works extraordinarily hard at the office.

The reason why George has adopted a healthy lifestyle is because he has a loving family and he wants to be around for them. A quick check of his Spokeo page reveals some of the family members that he wants to spend as much time with as possible. He knows that his best chance to do this is by keeping himself in great physical shape.

George S. Ammar sets a great example for anyone to follow. He has a full work life, yet he manages to adopt healthy habits that help him to have a healthy body and mind.


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