Published On: Sun, May 1st, 2016

Gary Johnson is ‘very marijuana focused’, ‘One issue candidacy’: Petersen

Former New Mexico Governor and Libertarian Presidential hopeful Gary Johnson is well know and quite outspoken concerning his views on the legalization of marijuana and was until recently, the CEO of the company Cannabis Sativa Inc.

Image/Video Screen Shot

Image/Video Screen Shot

Apparently, he is so much into marijuana that even his Libertarian opponents have taken notice.

During a recent interview on health care and the government on the Outbreak News This Week Radio Show in Tampa, Johnson’s opponent for the nomination, Austin Petersen had some interesting things to say about the former Governor.

When asked about the differences, if any, he had with Johnson on issues of health care, Petersen said:

“That’s a good question, he doesn’t talk much about health care, he’s much more of a marijuana guy. He tends to focus on that topic.

“I think he does oppose Obamacare. There hasn’t been much of a debate between Gov. Johnson and myself on healthcare. We tend to agree on a lot of things, some of the things we do disagree on aren’t related to healthcare as much as they are related to private property.

“He’s very marijuana focused, it’s kind of a one issue candidacy.”




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  1. Nick says:

    This is a deceptive headline: “Gary Johnson is very Marijuana Focused,” based on the opinion of one of his opponents doe the LP nomination.

    Of all the LP candidates, no make that all the candidates, Johnson is far and away the most qualified with actual executive experience running a state and running it well. If the media paints him as the pothead candidate, it will be because they fear his success will take away votes from the two party monopoly.

  2. Angie Davidson says:

    I tend to agree with Petersen on this issue. Unfortunately, even if Johnson were not so focused on marijuana, every time he brings it up he alienates potential votes from conservatives and some independents. In order to reach major party status, we have to appeal to those voters and grow the party. Johnson is not the candidate to do that.

  3. Rachel Maisonet says:

    This author is clearly bias, Petersen is right on with what he said. Johnson is a good candidate but he does tend to go back to the marijuana issue. You can excuse it as a hot topic right now, but you cannot deny it. Watch debates and see what he says on the topic of healthcare, not much except for going back to legalizing weed. I’m not saying cannabis doesn’t have health benefits either, because it absolutely does and we should have the right to access it. I agree with Petersen about decriminalizing it instead of legalizing it.

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    […] Gary Johnson is 'very marijuana focused', 'One issue candidacy': Petersen […]

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