Published On: Fri, Oct 19th, 2012

Gary Johnson gives Blaze TV fans a Libertarian perspective on the debate questions

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson appeared Wednesday night on Glenn Beck’s TV network, Blaze TV, with  Andrew Wilkow to discuss his campaign for president.

Former New Mexico Gov Gary Johnson photo

Photo/Gage Skidmore via wikimedia commons

After a brief overview of the former New Mexico Governor’s personal life, background and his surprising nomination in the fourth grade to be President, Johnson revealed he a biker and extreme sports aficionado who has participant in several Ironman triathlons with a marathon best of 2 hours 38 minutes.

Broadcasting that they (Blaze TV) was willing to give Johnson airtime, noting that the mainstream media still shuts him out, Johnson reiterated that he was still suing to get a seat at the third presidential debate in a last ditch push to get 33.4% of the vote (The necessary amount needed to guarantee a majority with three candidates.)

“None of these suits have been successful so the reality is that I won’t be…If I’m in the last debate, then there’s that potential,” Johnson explained about joking about a ’30 point bump’ from his appearance on Wilkow’s show.

Immediately Johnson addresses the big concern over who he pulls votes away from, President Obama or Gov. Romney.

“We they’ve actually put that to the test in five states, I mean, five polling organizations have asked that question ‘Who do I take more votes away from.’ In New Mexico, in Colorado, in Nevada, I take more votes away from Obama. In North Carolina and Michigan, I take more votes from Romney. I just make the point that a wasted vote is voting for someone you don’t believe in. Vote for who you believe in, that’s how you change things,” Gov. Johnson explains as he sites the Ross Perot Revolution to prove his point.

The Libertarian movement is growing and Johnson is on the ballot in 48 states and an official write-in in Michigan, so Johnson reviews how this makes him the most viable third party candidate.

photo/tyler eugene wilson

He then explains his appeal to each side, attempting to find common ground across both aisles.

“I think it’s an exciting notion to actually challenge Democrats on what they are supposed to be good at, which would be in this case: let’s not bomb Iran, let’s get out of Afghanistan tomorrow and bring the troops home. Marriage equality, I think it’s a Constitutionally guaranteed right, let’s make that happen Democrats. Let’s end the drug wars, let’s legalize marijuana, let’s repeal the Patriot Act. I would never have signed National Defense Authorization Act.”

“Now on the Republican side,” he continues without missing a beat.

“The Republicans just passed a budget bill and I’m vetoing it because it spends way too much money. And how about Republicans, you know you talk about capitalism really understand the difference between free markets and corporate welfare. They really don’t!”

“So, I’m going to straighten them out on that. So let’s reform our tax system, let’s eliminate income tax, coroporate tax, abolish the IRS. Let’s establish one federal   consumption tax, in this case, a fair tax.”

Wilkow then read questions and played clips from the Romney-Obama debate and allowed Johnson to respond.

photo/Gage Skidmore

Tax plans: “I think the fair tax really reboots the American economy, ends up being cost neutral over a very short amount of time, because it bleeds all existing federal tax out of goods and services. It’s really the answer when it comes to exports, makes us competitive with China  It’s really the answer for jobs…”

Immigration: “Let’s start off by not building a fence…that would be an incredible waste of time and money. Let’s make it as easy as possible for somebody that wants to come into this country and work to get a work VISA. Not a Green Card not citizenship, just a work VISA that would entail a background check  and a social security card, so applicable taxes get paid….Set up a grace period where we can document these 11 million illegal immigrants, but let’s not be deporting   these illegal immigrants. Let’s not be breaking up families. We don’t want criminals in this country , we want to be sure criminal are not in this country.”

Gun Control: “I don’t think the Second Amendment could be anymore clear. So, I’m not the guy that’s going to legislate the caliber of gun, the number bullets in the chamber. I’m in the camp that believes if you outlaw guns, outlaws are going to have guns. (Johnson discusses his record and support for concealed carry as Governor of New Mexico, then Wilkow asks about the scare tactics of 2nd amendment opponents comparing a rife to RPGs) “I’m not looking to legislate gun control whatsoever.”

On Gay Marriage, the show asked Gov. Johnson to clarify the role of the Federal Government versus the States’ Rights. Johnson discusses the thousands of lines in Federal Law that would need to be updated to “get the government out of the marriage business”  and then clearly stated:

“I support gay marriage. I support marriage equality.”

The conversation move onto Environmental issues.

“I think the fundamental responsibility of government is to protest us against individuals, groups, corporations that would do us harm. Based on my experience as Governor of New Mexico, there are polluters out there…the government who cracks down on these polluters,” Johnson says as he then discusses the differences between regulations and laws and his desire to see us move towards cleaner energy.

The video likely requires a subscription to the Blaze TV, but this was the url used by the Global Dispatch, so try to check out the entire video for yourself.







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  1. Jim F says:

    Please do math. 33.4% is likely not enough to win. Because you will have 40% Clinton, 33.4% Johnson, 20% Trump, and 5% Stein, and Johnson still Looses.

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