Published On: Fri, Apr 3rd, 2015

‘Furious 7’ pours on the action but offers little else

Opening in theaters on April 3rd, Furious 7 is a testosterone-packed action film that takes the Hot Wheels playtime of little boys, drops a hint of a story line into it, and splashes it onto the big screen. If you haven’t seen any of the first six films, you don’t need to worry. You’ll still be able to follow the simple plot. The story is laid out for us in the first 20 minutes which also happen to be the funniest 20 minutes of the entire thing.

I don’t think the intent was to make a comedy, but that’s what you get when the dialogue of these larger-than-life characters sounds as if it was written by that pre-pubescent boy playing with his Hot Wheels that are driven by Skeletor as he attacks He-Man in the Castle of Grayskull.

Furious_7_posterGot the picture? The bonus of such little dialogue is that you only have to strain to understand Vin Diesel for a short time.

From that point on, “hang on to your butts”. The action sequences are totally incredible but very entertaining to watch. It’s not just the driving skills on display, but the hand-to-hand combat also kicks things up to a new level in the world of fantasy. The cars almost take on a personality of their own and I half expected to see Mater (Disney’s Cars) come around the corner in a scene or two.

Having just seen Dwayne Johnson on Saturday Night Live singing about his “Franchise Viagra” status, I was expecting to see more of the big box office draw throughout the movie. However, he doesn’t disappoint with his limited appearances. His scenes more than any take you to the point of saying, “Oh, come on!” but you’re still thinking, “That was pretty cool!”

The filmmakers did a very sweet job paying their respects to actor Paul Walker who died before wrapping up the project. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but I did see a few teenage girls crying.

Overall, teenagers will love this film (let’s just hope they aren’t driving home from the theater). Anybody who is looking for incredible action and doesn’t really listen to the dialogue will enjoy it as well. There’s not really any inappropriate language that jumped out at me and no uncomfortable adult moments, so you can feel comfortable taking the young adults in your home to bond with you over high speed action, incredible stunts, and the roar of the engines. After all, it’s only a couple of hours of shenanigans and we can all use that every once in a while.

Furious 7 receives 2 1/2 out of 5 stars

Guest Author: Debbie Sage

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