Published On: Wed, Oct 19th, 2016

From Vince Foster to Ron Brown to Barbara Wise, the Clinton ‘dead body’ list fuels conspiracy theories and questions

To elaborate on the analysis in the previous article, we dive a bit deeper into the Hillary and Bill Clinton conspiracies, rumors and bizarre deaths.

To keep things quiet about the Mena Airport and Whitewater operations, certain people “fell by the wayside”.  This begins a list of suspicious (and convenient) deaths by people that had either

inside or up close knowledge of operations by the Clintons. 

Here’s a partial list:

James McDougal: Convicted Whitewater Partner: Apparent heart attack

Mary Mahoney: White House intern, murdered at a Starbucks before going public on sex activities at the White House in July 1997

Vince Foster: White House counselor – Shot two times but ruled a suicide.  More of this later

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

Ron Brown: Secretary of Commerce.  Died in plane crash, with a hole in his head, and the air traffic controller committed suicide shortly after.  Brown was going to “cut a deal” with prosecutors.

Paul Tulley: DNC Director – found dead in a hotel room in 1992

Ed Willey: Clinton fundraiser found dead in Nov 1993 of gunshot to head. He died the same day that his wife claimed that Bill Clinton groped her while she was in the White House.

Jerry Parks: Head of Clinton’s security team: he was caught building a dossier on the Clintons

James Wilson: Self hanging. Had ties to Whitewater.

Kathy Ferguson: May 1994 suicide by head gunshot, with packed suitcases in her house.  Ex-wife of Danny Ferguson, who was a co-defendant along with Bill Clinton in the Paula Jones lawsuit. Kathy Ferguson was a possible corroborating witness for Paula Jones.

Bill Shelton: June 1994.  Suicide by gunshot, state Trooper, and fiancée of Kathy Ferguson, ex-wife of Danny Ferguson

Atty Gandy Baugh: Suicide by jumping out of a window – his client was Dan Lassater, who was tied to the Clintons as a drug distributor.

Suzanne Coleman: Gunshot to back of head, a probable mistress of Bill Clinton.  She was pregnant.  It was ruled suicide.

Danny Casolaro: Reporter investigating Mena Airport activities – He supposedly slit his wrists.

Atty Paul Wilcher: assisted Danny Casolaro. Found dead on toilet, 3 weeks after giving a report to Janet Reno, who was Bill Clinton’s Attorney General.

Jon P. Walker: Whitewater investigator – supposedly jumped to death from his apartment balcony.

Barbara Wise: Dept. of Commerce staffer – worked with Ron Brown – found dead bruised and nude in her office.  She may have uncovered the illegal contact between Bill Clinton, Ron Brown, and operatives of the Chinese government, John Huang and Wang Jun.

Barry Seal: Pilot running drugs out of Mena airport – murdered

Johnny Lawhorn Jr: A mechanic that found a (suspicious) check in the truck of a car left at his garage, made out to Bill Clinton – soon found dead in his car after hitting a utility pole.

Stanley Huggins: Investigated Madison Guaranty, which may have diverted funds to  Whitewater and Clinton campaign debts.  A purported suicide.

Hershell Friday – Clinton fundraiser.  His plane exploded.

Kevin Ives & Don Henry – They saw the Mena Airport drug operation.  Both “fell asleep” on active railroad tracks.  Later reports revealed they were slain before being put on the tracks.  Seven linked to the case died before testifying to the Grand Jury.

Twelve former bodyguards of Clintons have been found dead.


If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and swims like a duck, it must be a duck.  Why would any sane and upright person vote for a candidate with such scandals on their resume? 

Maybe it would be because they are walking brain dead zombies, without correct knowledge of Clinton history, without the wisdom to care what the truth is, and are addicted to voting for the Democratic ticket.

More commentary on the next page(s)

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  1. Riften says:

    Ron Brown’s death has been confirmed through Wikileaks to have been an assassination by the clintons. Close Clinton aids started talking about the people they had killed and Ron Brown was a topic of interest

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