Published On: Wed, Mar 11th, 2015

From Fuel to Engine: Gas Vs. Diesel

We all know that there is a distinction between a gas and a diesel engine, but when it comes to knowing what the basic differences are and which is the best choice for your car or generator, that question is not so straightforward for some of us.

Diesel and gasoline engines both require regular maintenance and oil changes to keep everything running smoothly. You should however be aware, that although you can change the oil on a diesel if you are able to change the oil on a gasoline engine, there are a few differences to watch out for.

Diesel fuel confusion

It can be pretty easy to get confused because diesel fuel is sometimes referred to as diesel oil, but it is very important to remember that the oil you need to change is not the fuel oil but the oil that lubricates the engine parts.

It might seem obvious if you know this, but make sure that you know the difference and use lubricating oil that is specifically designed for diesel and NOT gasoline engines.

September 2010 photo/Daniel Christensen

September 2010 photo/Daniel Christensen

Changing the oil

Changing the oil in your engine is the same procedure whether it is a gasoline or diesel engine, but a diesel engine will normally need changing more often on a diesel engine, so bear this in mind when considering which type of engine you want to go for.

When you change the oil and check the levels again afterwards using a dipstick, don’t be surprised if the new oil seems to have turned black already in your diesel engine after you have warmed the engine for a few minutes.

Pros and cons

It is not just the maintenance issues that you have to consider when deciding between a gasoline and a diesel engine.

Diesels tend to offer greater mileage for your dollars than gasoline engines and you should get around 25% or more, better fuel economy with a diesel engine. If you are doing plenty of miles or want hours of power from a generator supplied by someone like Able Sales Generators, then diesel might be the smart choice.

The days of cheaper diesel prices compared to gasoline at the pumps are seemingly gone for the time being, and it now costs as much or more to fill your tank with diesel as it does with gasoline.

Having said that, based on the typical cost savings in terms of fuel economy, diesel fuel would have to be somewhere around 30% more expensive than gas before the fuel economy savings did not justify the price of diesel at the pumps.

Although diesel engine technology has improved greatly in recent years, if you are looking for high- speed performance from your vehicle, a gasoline engine is going to be more responsive. If your goal is not speed but durability and longevity, then a diesel engine will probably be a better long-term ally.

A diesel engine is probably more likely to go longer between major repairs when compared to a gasoline engine, although you might be facing a higher repair bill with a diesel, as the engines are generally more technologically advanced.

The argument between choosing gas or diesel comes down to how you use your machine and what aspects you consider to be more important than others.

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