Published On: Wed, Nov 7th, 2012

Fox News pundit, Dick Morris, ‘way off’ with his Romney landslide victory prediction

Former Clinton advisor and  political pundit for Fox News, Dick Morris went on the Hannity show Monday evening and made some bold predictions concerning the 2012 presidential election.

Morris, discounting the bulk of the polls said, “On Sunday, we changed our clocks. On Tuesday, we’ll change our president.”

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Morris went as far as to say Romney would beat Obama by the comfortable margin of 325-213, with the governor beating the president in the popular vote by 5 percent. This prediction is also published on his website.

Even Hannity wouldn’t buy what Moris was selling.

Morris went on to say Romney would win the states McCain carried in 2008, plus: Florida, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

 What a difference a day makes.

This morning, Morris not only published why he was wrong, but went ahead and try to explain it on Fox and Friends.

He starts out his blog post admitting the screw-up, “I’ve got egg on my face. I predicted a Romney landslide and, instead, we ended up with an Obama squeaker.”

An Obama squeaker?

As of Wednesday afternoon, President Obama is beating Gov. Romney 303-206, with Florida’s 29 electoral votes still up in the air.

This is essentially the same numbers Morris gave in his landslide for Romney prediction.

On his site, Morris gives a litany of reasons why he was wrong, which you can read here.

After such an embarassment, will the chiefs at Fox News keep Morris on as an expert political commentator?

Morris has a poor record in his chosen profession of political punditry.

As Jason Linkens with the Huffington Post points out, Dick Morris is maybe the wrongest pundit in Christendom. He’s got a lifetime “F” rating from PunditTracker.

To be fair, Dick Morris is not the only political expert to blow it this year. Respected analyst, Michael Barone also flubbed his prediction- Romney 315, Obama 223.

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  1. vito says:

    dick morris was right about one thing it was a landslide,but wait LOL,who won the landslide next time dick get your candidates right loser

  2. Brandon Jones says:

    One day after having his contract not renewed by Fox News Channel, Dick Morris says it was his bad political judgment that got him canned.

    “I was fired because I was wrong. I was wrong and I was wrong at the top of my lungs,” Morris told CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight Wednesday.

    On his first appearance on CNN in over a decade, the former FNC contributor still insisted his opinion that Mitt Romney would win the Presidential election was correct – until Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast.

    “The real issue is why did Mitt Romney lose? The real answer is the storm,” Morris told Morgan.

    • vito says:

      well exactly Brandon,its not the storm itself,but the way Obama handled it opposed to the way mitt the twit did.obama did not care about his election at the moment.but Romney put on photo ops in ohio while peoples lives were at stake

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