Published On: Wed, Oct 3rd, 2018

Four Ways to Protect Your Livelihood

Everyone in the world with very few exceptions must work to make a living. Its an accepted fact of life, and we often build our lifestyles around our work routine and our salaried income. So its no surprise that a severe disruption in ones employment status or ability to work and earn money can have serious and compounded knock-on effects, something with disastrous consequences. This article offers four ways in which you can protect your livelihood, ensuring that youre never caught without the right secure measures to enjoy life with peace of mind.

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For some issues in life, its best to be insured. It will protect you and your livelihood from the most serious of personal disasters, be that a car accident that writes off your vehicle or a household fire that requires you to move to a new location. Serious life disruptions such as these serve to disrupt your work schedule, and even the most understanding of employers will lose patience with an employee who is continuously forced to miss work. Insurance will help provide the safety net you need to guarantee youre able to make it into work each and every day.

Legal Rights

There are a number of core and fundamental workplace rights that are enshrined in federal law, and each is designed to protect the livelihood of once under-represented employees. You may also have signed a contract with your employer which states additional rights you have secured with the company you work for. All this is to say that youre well-protected when working in the US, but you need to know your rights and to exercise them. The best strategy, should you feel neglected or mistreated, is to work with a workers comp lawyer to secure compensation if theres a legal case to be built.

Financial Planning

Its one of the more boring processes in life, but drawing up a budget and planning your finances are both excellent ways to make your lifestyle that bit more secure and peaceful. It doesnt take long; there are even apps to help you out. It will, however, show you where youre going wrong when it comes to your expenditure. By having a firmer control over your finances, youll know if your workplace has underpaid you. Youll see if youre being overcharged for a phone contract and if an old direct debit has not been cancelled. All this saves you money.

Good Communication

Many workers are not satisfied in their current situation. They instead seek to secure new jobs either in different companies or in a higher position than they were in previously. Given humanitys leaning towards productivity and progress, this is no bad thing. But to really achieve your dreams and secure a better livelihood for you and your family, youll need to be a good communicator. Youll need to find ways of expressing yourself to your company and to others in a way that sells you as an asset. This is a big secret of successful people. If youre hoping to live with your livelihood a little more secure, it cant hurt to remember and follow the above four tips.

Author: Carol Trehearn

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