Published On: Thu, Jul 11th, 2019

Four Summer Reads for Young Children and Teenager

Summertime approaches and your children are probably looking forward to the time off from all the schoolwork they have had to do every day. But while they may want to play all day, it is necessary to provide our young ones with opportunities to expand their minds through reading, even during the holidays. From really young children to teenagers, below are four books that are highly recommended you get for your kids to read this summer.

  1. The Cat in the Hat Learning Library

The Cat in the Hat Learning Library is a 20-book box set for little ones who are learning to read and love reading to learn. Each book takes little minds away from the outside world and off on a journey accompanied by Dr Seuss’ most famous and beloved characters. Packed with fantastic facts and educational stories, your child will be enthralled by tales of puppies, tadpoles, and trees with titles like “I Can Name 50 Trees Today!”, “My, Oh My – a Butterfly!”, and “Would You Rather Be a Tadpole?”.

  1. STEM Activity – Terrific Technology

The STEM activity book uses super-fun activities and high-quality illustrations to lure little people into the exciting world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Available among books on summer sale from TheWorks’ online store, this book by Claire Sipi uses short and uncomplicated text to explain scientific facts and discoveries, which are excellently illustrated, while challenging excited readers with activities like solving puzzles to form DNA molecules, navigating an irrigation maze in order to water crops, or helping a pilot land his plane safely.

  1. The Origin of Almost Everything

For older kids and even teenagers who are curious about where things come from, New Scientist has written a book that gives away “most” of the universe’s secrets. Introduced by the legendary scientist and professor Stephen Hawking, The Origin of Almost Everything presents facts about the world in a series of witty essays on various topics like the big bang, the moon and dark energy, dinosaurs, and how our emotions work. Younger readers will be pleased to find that the book is filled with beautiful illustrations to help connect their imaginations with the stories told in the essays.

  1. The Bomb Girls

Teenagers with more developed reading skills will appreciate the story of The Bomb Girls by Daisy Styles. This three-book collection chronicles the heart-warming stories of five young women who are recruited by the government to work in a munitions factory during the Second World War. They take similar paths, but the sequences of their lives unfold differently in a journey that blends drama, love, heartbreak, friendship, and comedy into three spellbinding tales. The collection includes The Bomb Girls, The Code Girls, and The Bomb Girls’ Secrets.

Summertime is a great opportunity for children to play and have a good time, and it can also be a great time for them to improve their reading skills and learn new things. Depending on how old they are, the books on this list will keep them enthralled for many an hour in the coming holidays.

Author: Chandra Bhushan

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