Published On: Wed, Jan 11th, 2017

Four Critical Issues to Consider Before Allowing Kids to Play Online

Most kids enjoy online gaming at any point in their lives. However, it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that these games are safe for the child. You have to put in place some measures and controls to ensure that your kids play in a safe environment. The reason is that some online games may expose innocent children to a lot of danger and harm. Here are some four critical issues to consider before allowing your child to play online.

Understand Online Gaming Risks

You will rarely come across a child who knows how to differentiate between insecure and secure sites. Don’t allow the child to download any file unless you give him permission. Downloading games from less reputable sites can bundle other programs such as spam, adware and malicious software that put the security of your PC at stake.

If your child enjoys multiplayer games, you need to be aware of the bullies who take advantage of the novice status of your child on the game. You should not allow your kids to login to sites that you have not granted them permission. Strangers can act like kids on games that have chatting features and organize to meet them, or it could be a scam.

Assist the Child to Select the Games

Make sure you spend sufficient time with your kids as you choose the games they can play online. However, taking this action does not imply that you over-control the child. First, make them understand the limitations such as the maximum number of downloads they can make over a given period. Make sure they finish one game before you can proceed to the next one. These actions will develop them into responsible citizens who are not impulsive with their actions. It’s advisable to stick to reputable gaming sites and look at the rating of any game you wish to download. Make sure you go for games that have a rating of E or those that are suitable for everyone. You can visit the following site to have a view of some of these games http://www.muchgames.com/online-games/sports

Teach your kid Safe Gaming Practices

You should warn the child against sharing personal information online. They should never spill their personal details like name, address, and password to strangers. It’s paramount for the children to understand that they only have to display their username while playing online games. Make sure you also set a period only to play for the young players. They have to finish all their homework before embarking on the game for a few hours. You will find it hard to stop your child for other things if you allow them to start by playing. Safe gaming also implies being responsible for the schedule of your child.

Protect your Computer

It’scritical to set up spyware, malware or firewall program on your PC. You can also use a data encryption system to protect critical information like your passwords so that your child doesn’t delete them. You could also adjust the settings of your browser by blocking any sites that you think are unreliable and harmful. You could also set time limits to determine how long your kids will be playing these games. It’s important to inform the child of all these rules so that they can understand their responsibilities and limitations.


Games are good for kids, but you must put some measures to protect them. As a parent, you have to understand the risks that come with online gaming, assist your child in selecting the games, teach the child safe gaming practices and protect your computer. It will ensure that you protect your kid from unnecessary risk and potential abuse.

Author: Ravi Kumarr Gupta


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