Published On: Thu, Sep 27th, 2018

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell says Christine Blasey Ford does NOT have credibility, nothing ‘to prosecute’

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell provides insight into Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony on Brett Kavanaugh during an interview with Neil Cavuto on Fox News. Check out the clip below.

Powell begins: “This is quite the spectacle. I think we expected that. I do think the Republican senators were well-advised to have the prosecutor ask the questions because they were going to be made out to be the bad guys completely if they had done this themselves. And, as I expected, the Democratic senators are making wonderful speeches to extol her virtues and courage in coming forward.

“One of the things that really concerns me though is how broad a definition we are using here of the term, “sexual assault.” Most prosecutors and laws define that as being rape. She was far from being raped. She hasn’t even alleged that any body part was exposed. She said he tried to take her clothes off, supposedly, but nothing came off apparently. It was all a fumbled attempt to make out with a girl at a party it sounds like. And, there are just all kinds of problem with it aside from the fact that there is absolutely no corroboration. It’s a recovered memory, which are suspect and difficult to begin with. But even if she had reported all of these facts at the time it happened, now 36 years ago, I see nothing that a prosecutor would have found to prosecute.

“If we start policing 17-year-old boys and 15-year-old girls at parties who try to make out with each other, we’re going to have a big problem of over-criminalization.”

Powell firmly says she doesn’t find Ford credible: “…it will be interesting to see how many women actually find her credible. Frankly, I do not. The emotion that I’m seeing does not appear to me to be real at all anymore than it could be spawned from her being in this position to testify on national television with I don’t know how many cameras literally in her face –”

Adding more: “There were certainly no description of anything any prosecutor that I know of would actually call a sexual assault. So, if we take the names out of this, and pretend like we’re just talking about a 15-year-old boy and a 17-year-old — sorry, a 17-year-old boy and a 15 -year-old girl, where do we want to draw the lines in terms of allowing people to assert criminal conduct in that kind of behavior?

“Frankly I didn’t even find her story credible about going up the stairs and all of a sudden being pushed from behind by somebody that she didn’t know was there. Why was she going upstairs in the first place? That doesn’t make any sense.”

Powell went more public, tweeting this: “Taking names out of it: 1. How far back into any nominee’s life are we going to go to evaluate his fitness for an job when he is 50 years old? 2. Between two teenagers , when does an attempt to “make out” at a party become sexual assault–a felony? @LouDobbs #Kavanaugh”

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  1. needaname says:

    I don’t believe her – never did. This has become such a circus and there are too many versions of what went on the truth of the evening in question will never be known. I think the GOP once again gave in too much to the Democrats. This man’s life is destroyed no matter what the outcome. His Girls will always be known as the Kids whose Dad maybe raped somebody …

    • First off, Ford never said rape…so we need to rebuke that everytime we hear. I don’t think it’s ever been about “belief” but rather evidence. This is not some binary option of “If” she’s telling the truth or NOT, it’s a matter of anything that we can KNOW. I guess yesterday we go the date range of Summer 1982, but that was unclear this whole time.

      Leland Keyser denies Ford’s account of being at the party. Mark Judge, of course, denies the account. I don’t know who “PJ” is, but that’s the only other witness to the party/”gathering” where this happened.

      Let’s suppose it did.

      Does a drunken fondling an accosting over 3 decades ago preclude Kavanaugh’s resume and work history? Did Obama pot and cocaine practices keep him from being President? Ted Kennedy was a murderer who left a woman to die, he didn’t even get removed from office and is celebrated to this day. We are expected to take a moral high ground NOW…if this happened.

      I feel for Ms. Ford because the incident has been so politicized, but reality is that WE NEED EVIDENCE and that’s impossible.

      Leland denial: https://www.politico.com/story/2018/09/22/kavanaugh-ford-woman-party-letter-836913

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