Published On: Tue, Jun 24th, 2014

Former ACORN head Bertha Lewis leads anti-Walmart rally, they gave money to charities

Walmart has really done it, they gave money to charities. According to former ACORN leader Bertha Lewis, who has now founded The Black Institute, the donations are nothing but a bribe to get stores in New York City.


Stock photo by Benjamin G Robinson via wikimedia commons

Stock photo by Benjamin G Robinson via wikimedia commons

“It is tainted dangerous money. They didn’t care about you before. So question yourselves why are you suddenly giving me all this money now,” said Lewis of the $3 million dollars donated to NYC organizations.

Twenty-seven council members, including Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, also signed on to an open letter condemning Walmart’s philanthropic efforts.

Protesters said that unless Walmart changes its ways, it is not welcome in New York City.

“Communities lose far more than they gain when Walmart comes into a community,” said Audrey Sasson, director of the Walmart-Free NYC Coalition. “They depress wages in a way that’s unacceptable and they shutter small businesses in a way that really destroys the hearts of our communities.”

Walmart is completely nonunion and critics claim its low prices pose a threat to union retailers. Labor leaders have been in the forefront in keeping Walmart out of New York City.

“Wal-Mart, when they come in, tear down good jobs. No pensions, very little in the way of benefits, and my members aren’t going to stand for it,” said Anthony Speelman, secretary treasurer of UFCW Local 1500, New York’s Grocery Workers’ Union.

The other side of the coin is seldom stood alongside the critics:

  • They offer the best price on products people need – a man is quoted in this article talking about the organic foods available at Walmart
  • A Business Insider attacked Walmart for choosing to build outside the high priced real estate lots, so compared to JC Penney they pay less property taxes and have less workers per acre. This argument is just nonsense and sounds like good business practices.
  • Global Insight concluded that over the 1985-2004 period, Walmart led to to 9.1 percent decline in food prices, a 4.2 percent decline in prices of other goods and a 3.1 percent decline in overall consumer prices.
  • On argument is that theft in the area rises, but of course, the data indicates that theft is inside the Walmart and not an increase in the surrounding communities.
  • Forbes are a mythbusting slideshow dealing with many of objections – check it out HERE

It’s hard to give Lewis a fair shake after she deceitfully covered up the voter fraud associated with ACORN and left disgraced to start The Black Institute. While I may stand alone, the name is somewhat offensive since I doubt society would be tolerance of ‘The White Institute” or ‘The Caucasian Institute.’

If you think race doesn’t matter, then check out their mission statement: “The mission of The Black Institute is to shape intellectual discourse and dialogue and impact public policy uniquely from a Black perspective (a perspective which includes all people of color in the United States and throughout the Diaspora)… The Black Institute will change the discourse of public debate, train and educate new leadership and develop initiatives to build wealth, build power and deliver justice to Black people.”

Race first.

Lewis is setting herself up to be the next Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, riling up folks to rally behind her far left ideas and attack capitalism at any costs. The very people who would benefit the most from a Walmart are organized to say we don’t want it.

If Walmart is so evil then are these folks shopping there? Do they share the same outrage for Target or Sears who have similar business models?

Maybe that will be the issue taken up by The White Institute.



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