Forbes’ Mark Joyella defends Media Bias against Trump, Whoopi Goldberg just doesn’t get it

“If your favorite football team gets destroyed by another team, and the local newspaper writes a story about the game, is the resulting news story–which paints an ugly picture of your team’s performance–an example of the newspaper’s bias against your beloved team?”

This is how Forbes writer Mark Joyella begins his article defending the media after the shocking study from Harvard showed an unrelenting bias against the President during his first 100 days.


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Is that the best description of the Trump administration?

The appointment of Neil Gorsuch restores the U.S. Supreme Court to pre-Scalia balance and several executive orders implement a conservative direction of the country – that’s all Trump has done. The media has kept up the heat and pressure on a Russia scandal without ANY EVIDENCE, hang the big bold word IMPEACHMENT on their headlines and attempt to paint the election as stolen.

Joyella went on: “Is it bias to report that the president’s approval ratings are historically low, or that Trump’s efforts to enact his policies have been delayed and overwhelmed by constant questions about Russia, the firing of FBI Director James Comey and other self-inflicted wounds?”

If that was what has transpired, then NO – it is not.

Falsely painting the immigration executive order as a Muslim ban would be bias. Giving the Russian dossier time without validating the information – that would be bias and should be criminal. In fact, they called that “unflattering” and WRONG or a LIE.

Don’t get me wrong, Forbes is not the only outlet to deny the study. The Washington Post blamed Trump, stating that “There haven’t been many big successes to speak of in his first 100 days, and from there, his penchant for controversy and the objective disorder in his administration tend to more than fill the vacuum.”

“It’s fair to point to specific stories and narratives in the media that aren’t fair to Trump. We should all be constantly asking ourselves these questions. But the fact that coverage of Trump isn’t positive-leaning even on Fox pretty much says it all.”

Trump is pretty much what I expected: a reality TV show star posing as an inexperienced politician, trying to run the country like a business and getting very little done.

I didn’t vote for him and thank God he’s been so slow with actions that matter.

With that said, The TIME Magazine and leftists who label the President Hitler or Mussolini at every turn are disgraceful and creating an opposite benefit for Trump as readers/viewers can see through the liberal facade.

ESPN is hermorraging viewers as the NY Times defends the sports outlet, incapable of understanding why the audience is sick of LGBT “heroes” and Black Lives Matters protests in their arenas. Journalists feign objectivity while giving credibility to paid protesters, safe spaces and political correctness.

Whoopi Goldberg discussed the study on The View and proved the study right: “I did want to point out – and there have been a couple who have been perhaps treated more unfairly or as unfairly. Let’s talk about, I don’t know, Barack Obama,” Goldberg said to cheers and applause from the audience.

I don’t think Whoopi understands the media, bias or what goes on in the rest of the country. Moreover, she didn’t READ the study or she would have seen how the Harvard study compared presidencies.

Before he even takes office, Trump is Hitler to the left

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