Published On: Thu, Oct 6th, 2011

Florida’s Trenton Baptist Church displays 4,000 crosses to promote pro-life stance, new film ‘180’

Lead pastor Keith McConnell of First Baptist Church of Trenton, Florida told The Christian Post that he had a vision three years ago to break down the tragically high number of abortions (more than 50 million in the United States since Roe v. Wade) into a number that was more easily visualized.

“The Lord laid this on my heart three years ago. I got the pieces cut. We had everything on palates ready to go, but things would happen and we couldn’t get it together,” McConnell explained.

The church’s display of 4,000 white crosses on its lawn, meant to represent the number of babies lost to abortion each day in the United States, is making a startling impression on Gilchrist County drivers passing by on a busy highway.

Four white banners on the corners of the display boldly state “4000 Babies Murdered Each Day – Each Cross = One Child Each Day.”

photo Simon Dean Media via Flickr

photo Simon Dean Media via Flickr

On the bottom of the banners, in an effort to direct people to watch evangelist Ray Comfort’s recently released pro-life film, the movie’s website address is printed: “www.180movie.com.”

“We believe that we can make a difference,” McConnell said. “We are in a small town, but we are located on a major highway in town. It’s the main road in the county.

“The majority of the community is saying things like, ‘Wow, I never imagined that many (lives lost to abortion).’ You don’t understand how many lives have been taken until you’ve seen the crosses. Hopefully, this will raise enough curiosity for people to go see the movie.”

The 33-minute video documents the responses of young adults to questions from Comfort about their stance on abortion, but also includes discussions on Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust in Europe.

“That is what really set the fire for our congregation,” McConnell said. “On Monday, church members, mostly teenagers, began painting the crosses and staking them into the ground.”

“I think it is a good teaching tool for the church. It helps people who don’t really know how to be effective in helping people understand the horrors of abortion,” McConnell said of the film. “He (Comfort) described a real situation for people so they had to make a decision based on choices and then turned it towards the same decision in regards to abortion.

“I think it is really effective in helping people understand our individual roles in making a difference and helping stop abortion in our nation.”

The article notes the vocal opposition from some drivers, yelling profanities at churchgoers.


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