Published On: Thu, Jul 7th, 2016

Florida teen Stephen Brumby accidentally shot by father, Clayton Brumby at a shooting range

The Fourth of July weekend turned into a nightmare as a freak accident at a Florida gun range resulted in a teen boy accidentally being shot by his father in front of his siblings. Stephen Brumby could not be saved and the dad says blame me, not the gun.

The High Noon Gun Range in Sarasota was the location of a family outing on Sunday and Stephen Brumby, 14, was with his brother, 24, and sister, 12, as their father William Clayton Brumby (going by Clayton) took them for some target practice.

“We wanted our kids to be aware of guns,” Clayton told CNN later. “I wanted them to be comfortable around them and understand them.”

A spent shell casing struck their father, bounced off of a wall and landed in the back of his shirt.

Stephen Brumby

Stephen Brumby

“Brumby then used his right hand, which was holding the handgun, in an attempt to remove the casing. While doing so, he inadvertently pointed the firearm directly behind him and accidentally fired,” the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office said.

The round struck Stephen. who was rushed to an area hospital, but he passed away.

Clayton Brumby accepts responsibility for his son’s death, as reported by CNN: “He hopes the incident serves as a reminder to parents to be vigilant in anything they do with their children, bearing in mind that anything can happen despite the best intentions and preparation.”
“The gun didn’t kill my boy. I did,” he told CNN. “Every round in the gun is your responsibility. When it fires you need to stand to account for it. That’s what I’ve spent the last two days doing, accounting for my operating error.”

Police said there are no plans to charge William Brumby with a crime.

“It was a very freak accident. I made a mistake,” he said.
“It doesn’t take but a split second for something to go wrong and that could be (the case) with a gun, it could be with the wrong medicine, it could be with any number of things.”

In an interview with CBS affiliate WTSP in Tampa, David Brumby described what he saw that afternoon.

“My dad was firing a .22 – just a little semi-automatic pistol. What happened was the ejected casing — which is super hot — bounced off the wall and ricocheted down my dad’s shirt,” David said. “Because it was super hot the knee jerk reaction was to try to brush it off and he pulled the gun hand up and tried to brush it off him and the gun went off into the ceiling and ricocheted into my little brother Stephen.”

David told WTSP that his father is struggling with what happened and that the family called in a grief counselor to help.

“He wanted to take us to the shooting range to spend time with us but also teach us how to be a man; how to protect the family when it needed to be protected,” David said. “It was just a complete freak accident. I cried so much yesterday that my eyes were stinging.”

On its website, the gun range is advertised as “a safer, greener, quieter, cooler gun range.”

Visit this GoFundMe page to assist the family with expenses.


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